Only the United Kingdom Is Rising for the International Monetary Fund (Almost), Yet Another Brexit Breakthrough

Regno Unito

The economic and social situation is clearly putting all the global nations in serious trouble, especially the European ones, grappling with reduction of gas and hydrocarbons and a strong inflationary push, International Monetary Fund released growth forecast Or, in our case, a recession is planned for 2023, the year in which the burden of the crisis will dominate the economy, taking into account the overall climbing of the economy, production and employment in a large part of the western states. According to the IMF’s declarations, however, the only European nation that has had to protest is United KingdomFor which production and economic growth are also expected next year.

UK protests thanks to Brexit

UK-approved forward-looking policy, which led to the implementation of Brexit, has allowed guarantees that favor trade and investment ability and agility. Those who shamelessly attacked personalities like Boris Johnson yesterday and today do the same to the Prime Minister liz trussWill inevitably have to change his mind: a net of positive or negative views that can be advanced on individual UK governments, it is up to Downing Street to recognize the skills of leaders to extricate themselves through major national economic and political difficulties. Remains firm, retaining corners that are useful for a long time.

The mainstream narrative is denied

Despite the political rift concerning future relations between England and Scotlandas well as dossier Irish Protocol Destined to explode in the near future, Britain manages to unite before the gods management principles of society and politics. A useful quality that the data recognizes and substantiates even in the most complex moments of crisis, Eurolyric refutes the mainstream narrative that presented Great Britain as a nation to fail after leaving the European Union.

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