Patricia Scotland re-elected head of the Commonwealth against ‘Johnson’

Patricia Scotland

Boris Johnson failed to oust a labor leader from Commonwealth leader Patricia Scotland after narrowly evading a challenge from Jamaica’s foreign minister.

Patricia Scotland –

There Baroness Patricia ScotlandMinisters under Tony Blair and Attorney General under Gordon Brown would remain Secretary General after receiving a majority, during a The long session which was held behind closed doors.

they got three votes Plus Kamina Johnson Smith, who is believed to have the support of 24 politicians. The result is presented traditionally as a unanimous decision Out of 54 member states. Johnson asked Scotland66, left after the term of office, with allegation of not giving Being a focal point for the organization and an ineffective and divisive leader.

Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have decided to temporarily cut support for Commonwealth Secretariatafter the allegations of cronyism against him.

There Scotland The damage was done this week when the Governing Council accused you of hidingn financing report In “disrespect” to his authority. The Scottish aide, who is of Dominican descent, has not leveled the allegation. 10 To take revenge on her for refusing “Make UK orders”.

boris johnson beaten

Johnson Smith, who was Jamaica’s foreign minister for six years, was forced to refuse second news Who will be the Westminster puppet? He thanked the countries that voted for it and offered “Sincerely congratulations” to Scotland.

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boris johnson
Boris Johnson –

Dr Sue Onslow, The Institute for Commonwealth Studies warned that Britain’s energetic support for Johnson Smith could backfire. “The Commonwealth countries They are very sensitive to any presence that Britain is trying to play a very influential role because of historical colonial ties”. He told the Times.

He marked the victory of Scotland “a successful pushback by an expert politician against his opponents”. It is believed that most Support for Scotland comes from Africain which there are 19 Commonwealth states, and when a Continent Secretary-General was promised Scotland will step down in 2024.

There the secretary will face An uphill task to restore confidence in his leadership and fix the course of the Commonwealth as he faces tough questions about himself relevance and purpose. He assumed office in 2016 but his term of four years has been extended because the meeting of heads of government This could not happen during the pandemic.


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