PD Traction Gualtieri junta presented, Sylvia Scozzese and deputy mayor in the budget

PD Traction Gualtieri junta presented, Sylvia Scozzese and deputy mayor in the budget

AGI – Roberto Gualtieri presents his council: a PD driven executive, equally divided between men and women, with Sylvia Scosze returns to budget And this time he has also got the role of Deputy Mayor.

The team consists of politicians and technicians from the region, with a division that tries to appease almost all coalition parties and their streams.

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Democratic Party got Sabrina Alphonsi Former President of the Town Hall of the Historic Center – for Waste and the Environment, Maurizio Velocchia – former Mini Mayor of Portuense – for Urban Planning and for Transport, Regional Councilor Eugenio Patna.

On the budget, a major delegation, Scottish, who has already held the position with Ignazio Marino, today in the structure of the Palazzo Chigi which deals with the recovery and is in the past commissioner for the Capital’s historical debt.

Citizen list check two councilors: the Alessandro Onorato (Capitoline councilor for years) coordinator for tourism, major events and sports and leader Monica Lucarelli, former president of Young City Entrepreneurs for Productive Activities and equal opportunity.

NS Another important delegation of culture, Palazzo Sanatorio, goes to Miguel Gotorro., Professor of History at Roma Tre and former Senator, shares Article One.

While Sinistra Civica Ecologista Square Andrea Caterci in partnership, 15 min downtown. The Roma Futura Civic Container – led by Giovanni Cado – receives school and work with Claudia Pratelli, an official of the CGIL and former councilor in the Municipio del Salario.

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For Social and Health was chosen by Barbara FunaroI, the Roman coordinator of the Christian-Social of Demos, a formation that took third place in the primary with Paolo Ciani.

Another participant in the gazebos is Tobia Zevi, 40-year-old researcher investigating the Department of Heritage and Housing Policies,

New entry closed team Ornella Segnini, MIT Technology, Public Works and InfrastructureI.


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