Places Not to Remember for The New York Times

VIAGGI - I luoghi da non perdere per il New York Times

Reputable American newspaper like every year new York Times have identified 52 sets The best on the planet to travel in 12 months just started. But this time, with a gloomy note: They are places of “a world that has changed” that have been selected for sustainable tourism.

Three of these are Italian: chioggia, a miniature Venice, is defined as “a delightful choice for travelers seeking lesser-known destinations”, Naples, the city where “the climate future is uncertain, 55 days of extreme heat expected by 2049”, but where many Neapolitans are “rolling up their sleeves”. to end with Courmayeur, the famous city at the foot of Mont Blanc, a focus on protecting the environment was put into practice through daring choices.

Pride and satisfaction that also emerge from the words of Mayor Roberto Rota: “We are delighted that Courmier has been pointed out among places to visit by the New York Times – because, in addition to promoting our city, the sign inspires It further enhances the efforts made by the municipal administration over these months and years on the security of the area on the options and investments front and the current policies that we are adopting for eco-sustainable tourism, for example to reduce traffic in the Veni and Ferret valleys. The measures are, in addition to the municipality’s information tools, positive work between the municipality, the region and the Safe Mountain Foundation on the monitoring and study of glaciers and related structured communication, already active and timely for residents and tourists. We have a beautiful and very delicate region, affected by climate change, with which we are learning to live together, which requires us to make increasingly important choices for a respectful and attentive visit to the mountains”.

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In this policy, which sees the two tourism and environmental sectors as the main characters, fundamental to Courmayor Mont Blanc, added the decision to reduce the issue of building permits, as well as the restoration or restoration of pre-existing buildings. Added to encourage the creation of the last. Settlements: A decision that first goes towards reducing the population density in the area to be protected.

city’s flagship Skyway Mont Blanc, the cable car whose sustainability report complies with the framework of the “Sustainable Development Goals” indicated by the United Nations within the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. By 2022 the Skyway Monte Bianco expects an 8% increase in separate waste collection and 5% of “green”. supply, as well as a 6% reduction in the amount of waste produced, 15% of energy consumption, 5% of water consumption and 8% of direct greenhouse gas emissions. The cable car to reach the highest point in Italy also promotes tourism accessible to all, allowing anyone to reach the 3466m of Punta Hellbronner, the same commitment as Courtmaier Mont Blanc, a city suitable for all (ski suitable for slopes).

NYT. K 52 places


Chioggia, Venice

Northumberland, England

Alentejo Wine Region, Portugal

Archipelago of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicosie

Avia, Greece

Courmeyer, Aosta


El Hierro, Spain

Gouda, Netherlands

Tera, Danimarka

The Inner Hebrides, Scozia

Normandy, France


High Coast, Switzerland


Seas Islands, Spain

Principality of Monaco


Chimanimani National Park, Mozambique

South Africa

Sierra Leone

Red Sea Mountain Trail, Agito

Isola James, The Gambia

Marrakesh, Morocco


Queens, New York, USA

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Cobscook Shores, Maine, Usa

Hunah, Alaska

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Great Highway, San Francisco, USA

Little Calumet River, Chicago, USA

Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Humboldt, Kansas, Usa

Fogo Island, Terranova, Canada

vancouver island, british columbia, canada

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Ibera Park, Argentina

Caribbean National Forest El Yunque, Puerto Rico

Elegio Penti National Park, Belize

Sarasota, Florida, USA (USA)

Santa Cruz County, California, USA

Serra da Capivara National Park, Brazil

Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA

Bronzeville, Milwaukee, US

Thieden Nene National Park Reserve, Canada

Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Chile


Red River Delta, Vietnam

Uttarakhand, India

Kyoto, Japan

Summerland Peninsula, Australia

Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

Northland, New Zealand


Daintree Rainforest, Australia


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