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The government is working and in the next few days a second decree decree-law will be approved, which will facilitate the achievement of the next objectives of the scheme,” as was done in November last year with the decree number 152 and earlier. Decree No. 77 “. This was stated by the Under-Secretary of Prime Minister Roberto Garofoli, while talking about the issue of implementation, in a lecture at Spicea in Bologna. He recalled that the first 51 objectives ending 31 December 2021 have been achieved and the first payment of the first installment of the European debt, amounting to ₹21 billion, will take place by mid-April.
The first 51 objectives have been achieved and the “other 45 objectives” of the NRP will be achieved by June. Seven of these have already been received. They should be 10 by the end of the month. To these will be added 7 more /8 objectives to be achieved through specific primary regulatory interventions”, said Under Secretary to Prime Minister Roberto Garofoli at a Lectio Magistralis in Spicea in Bologna.
The plan, he recalled in another passage of the lecture, “sets out ambitious objectives: 134 investments (if we also consider sub-investments) and 63 reforms, all with well-defined goals that can be achieved over a period of time. must be achieved in: the final report is expected by 2026, but with very short timeframe objectives which, if not achieved, prevent access to European funds”.

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