Politics 2022, Fausto Orsomarcio and his “career”: an inflated balloon a step away from the Senate

Politics 2022, Fausto Orsomarcio and his

“Si nani vi bene ara Calabria?”. A young and furious in 2010 with this slogan fausto orsomerso There was a candidate in the list of PDL as a regional councillor. After 12 years, it is worthwhile to take stock of what this sublime mind has given to Calabria, especially in view of the fact that Fratelli d’Italia proposed it as leaders in the senate, practically an “almost” armored candidacy. on the contrary Mario Ochiuto, the brother of the Parasite president, is practically challenging him…

Braveheart Day Noentry (he presented himself in an election advertisement), which has little to do with the hero of Scottish independence, did not take long to gain recognition. He turned a blind eye to the fascists, but deep down he was worse than ever … The Christian Democrats and the Chronicles tell us that together with his old partner in “advertising” (he had an agency called “Orsa”) he stole money . poor to give them to the customers of their rich daddy sons, a Robin Hood Jigsaw ‘MERSA’Apart from Braveheart (https://www.iacchite.blog/calabria-etica-i-soldi-dei-poveri-anche-ai-clienti-di-fausto-orsomarso/).

And so, after making some inevitable changes of shirts between the National Alliance and Forza Italia, the way he managed to become Regional Councilor for Labour, Economic Development and Tourism in the Brothers of Italy. It is precisely in this ceremony, or better to call it fiction, that Orsomarso gave his best with a series of fools first and finally the total indecision resulting in perhaps the worst parishioner that the Calabrians remember.

It seems as if it was only yesterday that in the summer of 2021, the whole of Italy laughed at his statement that “Our ocean is healthy and in some cases it pays for the occurrence of algae blooms”, The confirmation that came when we were swimming in the Calabrian mud that they precisely defined “algae blooms” that combined, floated, smelled like mud and arrived only at the designated time. At 9 a.m. tourists got up and went to the bathroom and at 10.30 a.m. the Japanese train as “algal blooms” arrived. Thanks to this huge “nonsense”, Orsomarso even beat Oliverio, who was in pole position with his famous 2018 “mare da bere” (which he never drank).

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The sad thing is that none of our politicians ever took the ocean problem seriously (including Ochiuto who woke up in July and talked a lot to no avail), may have gone on vacation elsewhere Go – Robertino specifically yes. He often shows up with his new partner in Sicily… – or since the sea doesn’t vote he doesn’t care. That summer Orsomarso again made it clear that he wanted to sponsor gatherings and concerts in full pandemic with various videos, without heeding all health directives that advise against such events and practices. . And still making Barbine figures: this is epic with Bob Sinclair…

After Terme Luigien, his masterpiece; According to a series of crooks close to him, Francesco Tripicchio (called Mano-dwarf) mayor of Aquapesa, Vincenzo Rochetti (called Guilty) mayor of Guardia, Pietruzzo Manna municipal secretary of Aquapesa in Orsomerso and Valerio Zicaro (called O’ Professor) in Orsomerso also pseudo-lawyer. , Our dear councilor decides to destroy one of the few things working in Calabria, Terme Luigien. The unexpected insistence of several employees who did not allow themselves to be intimidated by the councilor’s shots (such as “You worker is sad” and many others) and their stiff resistance ensure that in the end Orsomerso does nothing and then is torn apart. Given is Occhiuto who captures everything, always in a deceitful way, but that’s another tragic Calabrian story. Orsomarso, kicked out of the game by his owner, however, achieved two things in this case, The first is a beautiful investigation of his work which is still in progress and the second is the nickname “Orsomarcio” which unfortunately will live on for him as the nickname was never more appropriate.

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For the rest, the commissioner will only be remembered by the Calabrians: being a card player on a pathological level (and in Paola, many people know this) and to do so, use the area every Friday as an ATM. (and the upper floors in the citadella are known to everyone), being informally owning shares in some very popular clubs and restaurants, which he himself admits openly on several occasions (it would be interesting to understand that a politician Why should keep “black” shares of places fictionally registered to friends). Orsomarcio will also be remembered for having a great swagger and He reached his climax when he presented himself at the Cosenza Police Headquarters, condemning a counterfeit device found under his car, when everyone was well aware that it was necessary to stop and follow him by Paola’s Public Prosecutor. There was a tool installed to do this.

Orsomarcio will also be remembered as he likes to define himself, as well as a politician, a successful entrepreneur, a pity no one has ever seen these infamous ventures. He will still be remembered because out of the blue, and many people know it from the days when he was a city councilor in Cosenza, he stuttered and quarreled and very often in these “changed” circumstances he makes videos in which You don’t understand what that means (such as the 59-minute record of the sea being invaded by an “algal bloom” on 23 July 2021 and the story of Luigiane Baths or in which he announces the opening of the Lorica lifts, which is actually I didn’t open. .. maybe he had wrong tracks ..). Orsomarcio would eventually be remembered for the immeasurable increase in the volume of his body as he was parishioner, many people refer to him as an “inflated balloon”, and this is terrifying to the Calabrians as it appears that there were two Orsomarci instead of one. And how can we forget the purchase of the infamous gadgets punctuated by Occhiuto, who practically “forced” them into his underwear for several weeks to try to “place” them somewhere and save himself for his country. “Forced” to make it even more ridiculous. , for Fagnano, where the whole city laughs when he passes by …

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Now it is a step away from the Senate and there are two schools of thought, on the one hand some, including many activists and managers in the field, argue that it is better to vote it down as it should, at least in Rome, on the other hand. Those who argue that if we continue to send subjects of this ability to Rome, Calabria will forever remain a joke among Italian territories. But, given the wind that is blowing, it would be really difficult for him not to be a “senator”. At the very least, it is hoped that his performance will be “deadly” for Mario Ochiuto. Here, if it really were like this: Orsomarcio inside and Cazzaro outside, maybe the big fat man would have done the first good thing of his existence. fingers crossed.


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