Pope appeals to Catholics in Scotland domradio.de

  Pope appeals to Catholics in Scotland  domradio.de

In view of the end of COP26, the UN climate summit in Glasgow, the Pope urged Scottish Catholics to do more for climate protection. Francis himself regrets not attending.

A letter from Francis published on Thursday said, “Time is running out, we must not let this opportunity pass us by, or else we will face the judgment of God because we have failed to be faithful keeper of the earth.” ” For Catholics in Scotland.

The climate summit began on October 31 and will continue till Friday. The Holy See sent its own delegation to Glasgow under the direction of Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. Meanwhile, speculation was rife about the Pope’s visit to Glasgow.

“challenging times”

He expected to come to Scotland himself, so Francis continued in his letter. “I’m sorry that wasn’t possible.” But he prays for all Christians in Scotland and hopes that in these “challenging times” everyone renews their commitment to being reliable witnesses of the gospel.

many “gaps”

The delegation, in its own statement on Thursday, announced that it had brought the pope’s concerns to those attending the summit – particularly those about the poorest and most vulnerable. The country’s commitment to achieve the 1.5 degree target politically and economically is promising, the press release said. Even if there is still a lot to be done, it is important to be proactive. But there are still many “gaps”, for example in financing or adjustment mechanisms.

“The Holy See hopes that COP26 can lead developed countries to agree on a clear roadmap to fill these gaps,” the message said. It is hoped that the final conference document will be inspired by a “genuine sense of responsibility towards present and future generations”.

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Warning of an “uninhabited world”

At the start of the climate summit, the pope addressed participants and believers several times in Great Britain and around the world. For example, a speech was broadcast on the BBC in which the head of the church warned of an “exiled world”. Furthermore, in an afternoon prayer at the end of October, he called for a “concrete outcome” from the deliberations in Glasgow. “The cries of the earth and the poor” must finally be heard,” Francis said.

General climate appeal of world religions

In early October, the pope presented Alok Sharma, president of the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP26, to the Vatican with a joint climate appeal from all world religions. In this, about 40 religious leaders and natural scientists have called for the implementation of the already agreed limit of 1.5 degree Celsius increase in temperature at the earliest.


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