Prince Charles’s urgent appeal to the world: “We must act before it’s too late!”

Prince Charles's urgent appeal to the world:
The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles (72), is deeply concerned about climate change. image

Conserving the environment and nature has been important to Prince Charles for many years. From an early age he advocated a better way of dealing with nature. Now the British heir to the throne has made an urgent appeal to the world. Given the devastating wildfires in southern Europe, the 72-year-old again called for more stringent climate protection.

“Our world is in crisis and wherever you are, no country is untouched by it,” wrote Prince Charles on Saturday in a guest post for MailOnline. Devastating wildfires in southern Europe, but the flood disasters and droughts of the past few weeks and months may have shown that “heartbreaking”.

In the wake of COP26, the upcoming UN climate change conference in Glasgow, the 72-year-old wrote that the conference would give the world’s powerful people a chance to change something before it is too late. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has clearly shown that extreme weather events will increase if the international community does not take immediate and immediate action.

Prince Charles himself is active in climate protection with his “Terra Carta” project

In his “Terra Carta” project, he has now brought together over 400 leading companies who, by signing the Declaration, are committed to making sustainability the basis of their economic activities. Prince Charles has been an ardent advocate of climate protection for years.

In November, representatives from all states are to meet in Glasgow, Scotland, after last year’s COP26 was postponed due to the pandemic.

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