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» Award Winners Encourage Courage«, »DBU« Environmental Prize today goes to ecologist and peatland researcher

Article 10 October 2021

Incentive: Ecologist Prof. Dr. Katrin Bohning-Gess (second from left) and Moore researcher Prof. Dr. HC Hans Josten (third from left) has been awarded the “German Environmental Prize” of the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU) for his outstanding services to biodiversity and climate protection. The two shared a total of 500,000 euros of respect. Alexander Bonde (left) General Secretary of “DBU” and Rita Schwarzelluhr-Sutter, President of the DBU Board of Trustees warmly congratulated him. Photo: Peter Himsel, »DBU«

Osnabrück, Darmstadt. With one of the most prestigious and highly endowed environmental awards in Europe, “#Deutsche #Bundesstiftung #Umwelt” (“#DBU”) in Darmstadt on October 1, 2021 honoring outstanding commitment to the #conservation of the #environment and biodiversity does. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier invited ecologist Prof. Katrin Bohning-Gess (56) and Moore researcher Prof. Dr. HC Hans Josten (66), who share an amount of 500,000 euros. “The award winners are encouraging, as they show the means for overcoming climate and species crises,” says Rita Schwarzeluhr-Sutter, DBU Chair of the Board of Trustees. “DBU” Secretary-General Alexander Bonde reaffirms the commitment: “We need a step towards greater climate protection and species conservation.”

According to Bonde, respect for Bohning-Gess and Josten is also an encouragement to others: “Those who take action can change something. Both have proven this in a remarkable way.” Both show, Bonde’s In the words, “the drama of the climate crisis and the overexploitation of nature and biodiversity. But at the same time they open up ways to preserve people, animals, the environment and the planet.” «Chairman of the DBU» Board of Trustees, which in the Federal Ministry of the Environment There is also the Parliamentary Secretary of State, insisting on signaling the effect of» DBU «Environmental Prize beyond Europe:» A few days ago the message that Prof. Dr. Klaus Hasselmann received the Nobel Prize in Physics ?? German Environment Prize ?? confirms Is.” Because it was already awarded to Hasselman in 1998? “For Climate Modeling That Has Now Received The Nobel Prize”. The present award is unprecedented in this sense. Schwarzelluhr-Sutter: “We have to take climate and species conservation even more seriously and so, as a board of trustees, have deliberately awarded prizes.”

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Imminent change of #economy and #society

According to Bonde, the presentation of the “German Environmental Prize” in Darmstadt comes at a time “that could mark a turning point in the fight against species extinctions, droughts and global warming, hurricanes, hurricanes and flood disasters.” Because in the next days and weeks there will be politically significant decisions at national and international levels: tomorrow the 15th World Biodiversity Conference begins in Kunming, China, the World Climate Conference in Glasgow in Scotland early 26 November. ? And in Germany, one of the major industrialized countries, a new government is currently being formed. Bonde: “We have to take advantage of these opportunities for climate-friendly politics. There is no time for stagnation. «The» DBU «Secretary-General urges everyone involved that» #economy and #ecology together and ideally Think in cycles «. Bonde: “This is the only way we can cope with the imminent transformation of the economy and society.”

#Ecosystem changes due to climate change

According to Schwarzelluhr-Sutter, director of the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Center and the prize for Professor Josten, who worked at Greifswald University until retirement, is a sign: “We have only one Earth. And we have to be mindful of the diversity of life. Will have to live. If we don’t do this, we will harm ourselves. « Ms. Bohning-Gess has developed models that can be used to predict changes in ecosystems due to climate change. “Bio Through his research on the loss of diversity, we understand the devastating consequences of species loss for humans, animals, the environment and the entire interaction of the planet.” The United Nations World Biodiversity Council recently estimated an estimated eight million Warned.About one million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction.

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#Moore is indispensable as a #climate defender

The Jostens Moor research called Schwarzelluhr-Sutter “unprecedented in the fight against the climate crisis”. Through his tireless efforts he has shown like no other that peatlands are indispensable as climate protectors, “because they store enormous amounts of carbon and prevent the formation of the greenhouse gas #carbon dioxide”. Bonde says that rewatering is “the order of the day. Drainage and drainage, especially due to land use, should be reduced. « It is important to find solutions together with farmers and forest dwellers. Justen has already coined the term Paludiculture”. Together they have developed great ideas, which they coined to wet uplands and fens for climate-friendly agricultural use »? and the Moors pushed on the agenda at international conferences. That’s why Kunming and Glasgow are so important.”


The “German Environment Prize” of the “DBU”, which will be awarded for the 29th time in 2021, recognizes the achievements of those who make exemplary contributions to the conservation and protection of the environment. Awards are given for projects, initiatives and life achievements. Candidates are offered for »DBU«. Employers unions and #unions, #churches, environmental and nature conservation associations, scientific unions and research communities, #media, #businesses and #trade unions are entitled to do so. Self-suggestions are not possible. A jury of independent experts from business, science, technology and social groups appointed by the DBU Board of Trustees recommends the award winners for the respective year to the DBU Board of Trustees. »DBU« Board of Trustees decides.


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