Roberto Gualtieri, Madia hypothesis for the role of deputy. Important profiles for budget and waste delegations

  Roberto Gualtieri, Madia hypothesis for the role of deputy.  Important profiles for budget and waste delegations

he wanted to be quiet at home this weekend, but Roberto Gualtieri ended up spending the weekend on the phone. Surveys, meetings, actual “auditions” are necessary to find the new mayor and in some cases persuade those experts, technicians who have decades of experience in public administration (even better if in ministries) to join his council. to happen. And the new mayor of Rome is very ambitious on this front: for example, he is looking for Mef, the department he headed for almost a year and a half, for the delegation of the budget and the Grand Commissar for the role of general. Capital Accountant. Certainly not an easy undertaking, as these two roles do not guarantee the emoluments paid through the XX cetembre. Whereas for the role of Deputy Mayor, the prices of mariana sideboard, a Democratic Party MP and former minister of public service who worked with Gualtieri himself to pressure the government to increase funding for the 2025 jubilee during the election campaign days.

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The new mayor is not disheartened and is confident of holding off on the move in public formation by tomorrow. Also because this week he could already meet Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi to talk about two very decisive topics for Rome and its future: governance and the structures needed to organize the 2025 Jubilee, The amount of money needed to plan and quickly open construction sites for Holy Year functions has not yet been determined by the government. This latter topic also ends with capital infrastructure projects being financed with NRP. Two sides on which it is too late to capitalize.
According to his staff, by yesterday Gualtieri should have identified the profile to occupy the most important parts of his council: the budget and town planning managers would certainly be technicians. The vision of Sylvia Scozese on the first front remains, but not strong, today in the previous commissioner for the capital’s historic debt, an officer in Palazzo Chigi who takes care of the recovery plan funds. But the former minister is also looking for technical data for the Public Works, Garbage and Transport departments. But they will still have to contend with the parties for these seats. The strength of the coalition is that the new mayor will begin hearing Tuesday (the first consultation on the agenda with the Greens and the new PSI).

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Parties and Civil Lists Gualtieri . lined up withFor now, they keep a low profile. On the PD front, the only certainty at the moment is that Nazarene is expected to hold at least four seats and that Sabrina Alfonsi exceeds the pole position, a record holder in the polls and former chair of the First Town Hall. Alphonsi will look to the environment department, but neither the school nor the heritage box is excluded. Two councilors seem safe for the exponents of the Civic Gualtieri list: for Alessandro Onorato there are tours, sports and behind-the-scenes look at major events, for Monica Lucarelli there are people who envision commerce. The Left Civic Ecological List at the rear is also seeking a place in the junta of the future. The role of region-bound albino Ruberti as head of the cabinet will soon be institutionalised. Program author Marco Simoni must deal with internationalization and agency attracting investment from abroad.
At the same time, two only apparently small games open up: Coalition parties are pushing for Gualtieri to increase the number of delegates on personal issues such as environmental safety or the management of the PNRR fund. The formation of municipal councils and the metropolitan city should not be underestimated: from the Democratic Party he asked the mini-mayors to wait, as the exponents of the future Capitol team could be taken from those regions or from others who wanted it. Looked lucky. Other posts can be appointed.

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