Rome, fatal absurdity. Violet blooms again in Scotland

 Rome, fatal absurdity.  Violet blooms again in Scotland

Day three of the Cup ended with a chatty day. If winning three of the four Champions League matches had somehow authorized a certain optimism about our potential across the border, last night’s results and performances have at least dampened the excitement. In fact, two capitoline structures were encountered, with substantial differences in results. Lazio in Austria left everything as it was, with the victory achieved in Denmark in the second match of the group. The four teams from Group F actually closed the first stage with the least unusual classification: all at a height of 4, as if it had not yet started. However, Reading may have suited Biancocelesti, as the mini-group would offer them two home games upon return. all open, therefore, after a game in which the men of Surrey He struggled somewhat to enforce a covert position of technological supremacy. Only in the final and thanks to numerical superiority, Lazio took Austrian territory by storm, but it did not have much time to change history. A goal canceled for a millimeter offside on Immobil and a few other clear opportunities don’t rule out regional dominance strum, which on balance was the team that most insistently sought profit. Equal taste, then, and the verdicts were handed down in the second round. It was too bad for Roma, whose home loss to Betis, which matured in the final match, is pretty heavy in terms of merit. The Spaniards have in fact already booked first place in the group and now Mourinho’s team has only the possibility of reducing second place. ludogorets, undefeated in Finland yesterday. Yet it started in the best possible way, thanks to a rigor that dybala, already in the sixth center of the season, had turned half an hour later. The Spaniards’ almost immediate draw was preceded by two huge Gialorosi opportunities, but a pole and then a sensational parade. Claudio Bravo (named omen) prevented new Capitoline gains. The Roma of the second half, however, were very shy, then punished beyond demerits by an aerial turn. luiz henriqueescaped the blend marking of spinazola, elimination in the final zaniolo The toll worsened on the unlucky Thursday. To give a smile to Boot’s football was Fiorentina, who won and reassured Scotland, thus capitalizing on the first two weak performances that had earned them only one home point. This time around, the Italian team put desire and determination on the pitch, combined with a technical rate. In contempt, he quickly evaporated dreams of the pride of Scots. With three precious points, Fiorentina rediscovers the awareness of being able to overcome this group without special worries, seeing the Turks of Basakshear at the top of the 7th. In the conference, however, second place qualifies for the next straight round and will also have two home matches out of three overall matches for Fiorentina in the return. The balance of the three days of the cup therefore speaks of 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. It was often bad.

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