Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London, but Johnson and Sturgeon also smiled.

Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London, but Johnson and Sturgeon also smiled.

“I am honored by the belief that Londoners have placed me in the government of the most beautiful city in the world”. This is a comment from the re-elected mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (Picture above), Which gathers the new faith of the Londoners on the most bitter day of the British Labor Party under the leadership of Sir Keir Starr.

London is, in fact, teaming up with great English municipalities like Manchester and West Yorkshire’s new municipal aggregation, opposing the conservative avalanche that is feasting on municipalities, municipalities and by-elections, the first significant test for the parties. After elections in 2019.

In a special way, The first London citizen wins by collecting 55.2% of the popular vote, Thanking it for the other preferences, after getting 50% of the votes in the first round, he went head to head with the Conservative candidate. Shaun Bailey.

But Boris Johnson’s party is doing well across England, with local authorities traditionally taking the strongholds of the Labor Party under their control. From 1974 and 1925, Labor held Tory control of the Hartlepool parliamentary seat and Durham County municipal victory, noisy.

After the first favorable day’s hangover of the electoral calculation, which was split into ballots over twenty-seven hours, the positive balance for Johnson also counts a few grains.

First, the Labor Party easily wins in Wales Mark drakeford About being elected Prime Minister.

Then there is the shadow of division from Scotland and Great Britain. Party of Nikola Sturgeon, SNP, a nationalist formation with a social-democratic tradition, wins the fourth national election consecutively and earns one more seat than the 2016 elections.

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A favorable electoral result which Sturgeon greeted by announcing a new referendum for independence. The Prime Minister’s spokesman has, in fact, made it known that a new consultation for divorce from London “it’s just a matter of time”.

Johnson’s defining response is furious “Irresponsible and unconscious” The possibility of a new referendum “Will destroy the country”. The two conflicting conditions that make the risk a cause of institutional crisis are that the advice is up to the London government.

The possible divorce of the two nations would pave the way for Scotland to join the European Union. No wonder SturgeonCriticizing the London shutdown, it noted that “There is no justification for Boris Johnson or others to curb the right of the people of Scotland to choose their future”.

They do not look, therefore, The outcome of Brexit was not eliminated in any way, which still dominates in the backdrop of British politics.. But, however, he did not influence the results of this competition. These elections and the British electorate rewarded all leaders of the region, from London to Edinburgh, and measures in the region against the epidemic.

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