Salvini 3, Berlusconi 7: All the votes of a fearful political class

Salvini 3, Berlusconi 7: All the votes of a fearful political class

Protection, it is the lowest common denominator that unites the political class born in the midst of Berlusconi’s bipolarity in a gloomy and fearful embrace. Conservation of Power, Conservation of Role, Conservation of Positions. Finally, self-preservation.

After the debate over the election of the republic’s president, this sinister attitude becomes quite apparent: every action, every word, every conversation seems more like a game of hide-and-seek than a really political challenge. With few exceptions, everyone is hiding behind another Savior of the Motherland, who exists just because, a plastic representation of an entire ruling class.

Not all are the same, of course. And then it might be useful to cast courageous votes to the heroes of this political season. The courage to make a decision, the courage to change, the courage to finally actually get into politics.

Enrico Letta: A very bad 2. The leader of the Democratic Party gets the fewest votes. Nothing else, Letta applies but does not understand that the world is changing: she is still tied to a bipolar Italy that now exists only in her dreams and her worthy partner Giorgia Meloni. And the really good Enrico clings to the leader of the sovereign authority so desperately trying to protect the elusive broad territory he wants to dominate. He defends bipolarism, ruling with Salvini: 10 in Contradiction.

Matteo Salvini. What to say? One round 3 rounds. He defends himself like a chameleon, and like a chameleon he changes color as the landscape changes: no-wax with no wax, yes-wax with yes-wax. Dragiano with Draghi, Giorgetiano with Giorgetti, anti-European in Europe, pro-European in Italy, a rival in one body and manages to become a government. courage? Not even a shadow. He is the papaya man, the man who runs away.

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Georgia Meloni: Between 3 and 4. The Italian patriot treats her in a very bad way but she does. He fights his battles from afar with unparalleled intellectual laziness. Georgia lives in fear and intimidation. His deepest fear? Let others be aware of its political futility and the innate inability to be a government power. For this reason she has come to play a little game as old as the world: only to be recognized in words by her worst enemy, Enrico Letta.

Matteo Renzi. Since this isn’t a sympathy contest, it definitely deserves a pass. There is everything from a 6 to a renzi. Because he can be told everything except that he is not a fighter. With one risk, though: that his fight in the end is an end in itself without a real political end.

Carlo Calenda: 7-. No one can deny that he is putting all possible courage in his solitary fight to create a liberal-democratic and reformist pole. He would have only qualified 8 if he had not applied for the European PD. His challenge will look more on the right than on the left. But he doesn’t have the courage to accept it.

Silvio Berlusconi. After inventing and maintaining dipoleism in an Italian sauce, Berlusconi sensed for the first time that his world was over. It casts together the shadow of the centre-right, which was with a few light taps on the shoulders of the sovereign allies, but has in the meantime worked scientifically to shape up as a liberal and European leader. Quirinal? Sgarbi is right, he won’t get there. But his candidacy did play out across the board. vote? 7.

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Giuseppe Conte. unclassified. The author is among those who have seen more light than shadow in their handling of the pandemic. And he put his face on it (sometimes too much). But now? Now he is unable to cross the five stars which will lead him to his definite institutionalization. A bit like Salvini, he supports Draghi without supporting him. But a party without soul is a party without courage.


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