Scam in Westminster: MP with symptoms goes to house, is positive

Scam in Westminster: MP with symptoms goes to house, is positive

A sensational violation of Kovid’s anti-cautions in Westminster, where an opposition MP, Scottish Independent Margaret Ferrier, today confessed to traveling in recent days from Scotland and London and, despite having experienced symptoms, participated in the work of the House of Commons took. Infectious and tested coronovirus after the first day. The test was positive then, but still hidden until today.

A real scandal. Ferrier apologized today: “I have no excuse”, he admitted, also self-complaining to the police. Meanwhile, in Great Britain, the hunt for contact with MPs has begun, both in the House of Commons and those who were traveling with him on outbound and return trains.

Ferrier was among those duties in recent months who were most critical of Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s advisor and Brexit guru, who sidelined the lockdown guidelines in the spring, a situation that led to a string of hypocrisies from the media. There was criticism.

Watch this video – It is not known whether the MP for Scotland confessed whether there was genuine remorse or the imminent possibility of being discovered. In a video released in these hours he does not or does not provide justification: “I apologize without reservation for violations of travel restrictions, there is no excuse for my actions. I felt symptoms on Saturday afternoon And was asked to undergo a test. Feeling better than Monday. I traveled by train to London to attend the session of Parliament, I was wrong and I am very sorry. On Monday evening I received the positive result of the test Happened and on Tuesday I left the train to go home without medical advice. And I apologize. ”

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The deputy also stated that he had reported his own behavior to the police: “Although I feel fine at the moment, I know that I must be self-segregated. Already, the test results are pending, I have to I deeply regret the actions, I try my best and I urge everyone to not repeat their mistakes and do everything possible to avoid the spread of coronaviruses, along with the inevitable disciplinary measures of the House of Commons Waits at this point by an investigation. Probably fine with police approval or in any case. His party has already suspended it.

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