Scotland believes it: they are the first to qualify for the World Cup playoffs

Scotland believes it: they are the first to qualify for the World Cup playoffs

After a disappointing European Championship, the British national team was stripped of the pass for the playoffs: they have not played the World Cup since 1998.

Denmark is all but impregnable, arithmetically qualified for the World Cup in the final break of the Nationals. there also Scotland, in its own way, celebrates a turn early, and without waiting for Israel’s final race. The British representative is the first European team to play the playoffs to reach the 2022 World Cup.

After beating Moldova, at the bottom of Group F, Scotland finished second behind Denmark, having been able to win 100% of the challenges so far, including a one-off against the Glasgow team. A team that actually only lost 2–0 against a Nordic team.

Scotland will now await a decision from various European days on whether they will be seeded in the playoffs next March. At this point, however, the levels of the teams are very high and very similar, which is why whether or not it happens doesn’t change that much.

In their favour, Scotland has brought home one last friendly playoff: the year before they defeated Serbia in the final to earn their qualification for the final European Championship. Of course, the tournament won by Italy did not smile McTominay and teammates, but many talented players are part of the team and the future looks bright, as it hasn’t been for a while.

Together with McTominay he fights Robertson, Liverpool full-back and captain, but also Patterson (Goals and assists in the match against Moldova), Adams, Dykes and McGrego In the national team which belonged to Law and Daglish. They are an absolute myth for a team that has never passed the first round in a World Cup and hasn’t participated in it since 1998.

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Scotland has had some highs over the past twenty years, but many lows, given the lack of qualification for the World and European Championships in the new millennium, until Euro2020. After slipping to 86th place in the 2007 FIFA rankings, it achieved an extraordinary 14th place (the second best in its history).

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The Reason? From September 2006 to October 2007 they had ten victories in twelve matches, which were not enough to reach the 2008 European Championship: Italy and France received passes for some points of difference, which were crucial matches against them. was obtained accurately. Tartan Army.

The World Cup is now two more races away for Scotland, namely the semi-finals and the final of the playoffs in which three of the twelve qualified teams will advance to Qatar. Steve Clarke, the former Chelsea flag on the bench since 2019, has been confirmed at the helm of Biancoblu after the European Championships.


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