Scotland: Bishops’ Conference reconstitutes to “respond to changing times”

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The Scottish Bishops’ Conference has decided on a deep reorganization of its structures. At a recent plenary assembly at the Royal Scots College (Salamanca, Spain), which was reported by the Scottish Bishop’s Press Office, it was decided that from now on the agencies and commissions of the dioceses would be reorganized into about six regions , which they are, in their official words: to announce the good news of Jesus Christ; To promote respect and care for human life; support lay vocation; ordering holy worship and worship; training for the ministry; Cultivate Catholic heritage and culture. The reorganization, interprets the note from the bishop, reflects the “vision” of the bishops’ convention: “the faith seeks understanding in the light of the joy of the gospel”, and seeks to implement its “mission”: “one in the faith”. Walk together”Embrace and share the joy of the gospel and the vision of the Catholic Church, with the clergy and religious people of Scotland”. The president of the conference, Bishop Hugh Gilbert, explained that the reorganization stemmed from “an effort to respond to changing times”, to continue “to share the joy of the gospel and the position of the Catholic Church with the Scottish people”.

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