Scotland. Grouse hunters don’t fit in

  Scotland.  Grouse hunters don't fit in

In Scotland, hunters and wildlife management experts wrote a letter to Times (who published this) Answering the nonsense that reached Parliament to invite them to replace the rural landscape of the Moors (the infinite expanse of heather) with more profitable and less polluting agricultural solutions: the burning of the heather The true heritage of the region, which is contested to favor the grouse, seems more appetizing.

A problem that can be largely addressed by periodically pruning bushes as an alternative to burning. Accused of producing too much carbon, hunters recall that 92% of the carbon that is released into the atmosphere does not depend on highlands but on other crops, pastures and agriculture. Whereas Heather Moore releases only 0.6 percent of it.

“These are visited by millions of people every year, they are better protected and protected by people who are willing to invest their money to manage them,” says Moore. To protect the population of Gross. We must also not forget that these are the same landlords who have refused to accept government grants for decades to cover these beautiful hills with trees or to till them for agriculture. If they did, their carbon emissions would now be 150 times higher. Maybe it’s time to take pride in our national parks and the contribution Grouse has made to fight climate change. “

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