Scotland Has a Vote and Iranian Hackers Are Excited for Freedom

In Scozia si vota e gli hacker iraniani tifano indipendenza

Like Russia in 2014, Iran is still cheering for Scottish independence and deploying its hackers. Similar strategy, pure aim: to destabilize the West

Millions of British citizens called to vote today, which has already been dubbed an electoral “Super Thursday”: you vote for the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Parliament, 143 local councils and 13 mayors across England, including London, While the Hartlepool polling station votes for the re-election of a member of the British Parliament. Many of these elections, such as mayors, were due last year but have been postponed by 12 months due to the pandemic. Counting of votes will begin when polling stations close at 10 p.m. local time (11 p.m. in Italy) in Wales and in centers where voting for the mayor takes place, and the result should be known as of Friday.

Instead, a separate process in Scotland, where counting will begin on Friday and continue throughout the weekend in some areas. Much attention was paid to Scotland, a nation defeated by Brexit in 2016, with more votes to remain than to leave.

After the first unsuccessful referendum in 2014, the Scottish National Party has been keen to present a new question to the citizens, albeit bound for approval by London. The SNP has been given by elections to have a major advantage over other Scottish political forces, although a majority in Parliament in Edinburgh can be achieved by a slim margin. In the debate on pre-election television, first minister Scottish and SNP leader, nicola sturgeon, he “assured” the British government that a second independence referendum would be held without Downing Street’s authorization. Sturgeon responds to attack from Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, who said that if the British Prime Minister had called the SNP an “illegal” referendum, boris johnson, had refused to give formal consent to the initiative. Sturgeon responded that this would not happen, accusing Ross of spreading “lies and fear” about himself and the position of his party.

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The SNP program anticipates that the party will convene a referendum shortly after the end of the pandemic, and Sturgeon does not rule out that it may take legal action to determine whether Holyrood will continue to hold a popular vote without London’s approval. The law may or may not call for consultation. ..

The topic of freedom therefore holds a substantial place in public debate despite the coronavirus pandemic and the economic impacts on the social and entrepreneurial fabric.

And if for 2014 there is “credible” evidence that Russia is Vladimir Putin Iran is to try to interfere in this decisive vote for the future of the United Kingdom, as reported in the “Russia Report” published last year by the British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee tried to influence the Scottish referendum vote. The allegation comes from a report by British think-tank Henry Jackson Society that voices fake profiles and pages on Twitter and Facebook about cyber mobilization in Tehran. Typical Russian strategy. Like objectives: to kindle the fires of western chaos.


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