Scottish Chocolate Bar Riot | «Leather to round»

Snickers UK traces its charitable streak.

June 14 is supposed to be a public holiday – hence the demand for some unusual activists in front of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. After 23 years, Scots is back at a European Championship. And as a co-host!

The first group match will be held on June 14. In Glasgow – It’s Monday, kick-off is 2pm local time, and that’s a problem. So… the local Snickers offshoot got activated.

Big promise: If politics makes Monday a day off for all of Scotland, there will be free Snickers for everyone. If you want to support Friendly Shot and give them a day off, So that they can fill the lamp better, can you do this Here to do this.

In Switzerland, the first group game is not a problem for most people. If you make a wage, it’s not a problem, as Runde Leder recently reported.

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