Scottish independence and the future of the Commonwealth are thorns in Charles III’s favor

Scottish independence and the future of the Commonwealth are thorns in Charles III's favor

when in 2014 Scots they votedIndependence From United Kingdomthe government of London indicated that in case of victory of separatist he’ll never let the new in State In’The European Union, A hazard is no longer renewable because after a few years it will be exhaustive. Great Britainwith Brexitto do Bye Feather The European Union, it’s definitely luck Scotland This will probably be the first real test that awaits the kings Charles III, The new sovereign will realize this in the next few hours Edinburghfirst stage (there are others BelfastIn’Northern IrelandAnd cardiffIn Wales) of “presentation” travel within the United Kingdom.

Charles III in Edinburgh in the next hour

thanks for doing transfer of 1997Scotland has its own today Parliament With powers that are anything but symbolic. And it can be inferred that the “new fact” succession on the throne between Elizabeth II and Charles III would encourage the request of a chief autonomy, until groping to repeat the failed attempt at complete independence eight years ago. In this sense, Empire plays the role of counterweight Remarkable in terms of representation of national unity, identity and continuity. It is often said, and with good reason, that Belgium Meanwhile it exists because it is a monarchy. Else three lines Shortcoming those who cross it (ethnic, linguistic and religious) will already have disintegrated,

Great Britain, a divided nation

With its division between “nations”, the situation in the UK is not much different. english is that Celtic or – this occurs especially in Northern Ireland – among the population english is that Catholic, So King Charles III would have to move to the plan institutionalthat is, of the monarchy, Talent Employees of the recently deceased sovereign. During her very long reign, Elizabeth went through different eras and profound changes. But his sensitivity and his political acumen have always been able to shelter him crown Modernist loudly who could question it.

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Domino effect on Australia and Canada

Will it do the same against the re-emergence of Charles III? stress Territorial never really inactive? Especially since one can’t think that’amputation Reference to the United Kingdom remains without consequence commonwealth, Far from it: Scotland’s independence will be a trigger Domino effect With easily conceivable results on ex-British Empirestart with Australia And Canada, two vast states, whose head is still the sovereign of Great Britain. In short, Charles III would also be initiated to become king of infectionBut his rule certainly won’t be a walk in the park.


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