Scottish minister sues kindergarten for discrimination

Scottish minister sues kindergarten for discrimination

wooWhen their daughter’s kindergarten was not accepted, Scottish Health Minister Hamza Youssef (36) and his wife are now suing the facility for discrimination. Parents say two-year-old Amal was rejected because of her origin and/or religion.

“We will not allow our children to be discriminated against,” their lawyer Aamer Anwar was quoted as saying by the couple on Tuesday. “Like all parents, we want our children to be treated equally regardless of their skin color or religion.” The kindergarten in a suburb of the eastern Scottish city of Dundee denied the allegations.

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In a rare case of personal concern, Yusuf made the allegations public a few days ago. Accordingly, kindergarten has at times declined applications for children with Asian or Muslim-sounding names, while offering a place to children with “white-sounding”, “non-Muslim” names.

This was determined by him with a test: Yusuf’s wife Nadia al-Naqla had With the newspaper “Daily Record”“Did many applications with invented names. The couple now accuse the daycare center of not providing an explanation or an apology. So they are “determined to fight for justice for our daughter”.

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