Scottish tartan army against old enemy, but Stirling: “Derby? Match like the others…”

 Scottish tartan army against old enemy, but Stirling:

The first international clash was on a football field between England and Scotland. It was 1872: every British derby since then has always been characterized by a heated rivalry. A confrontation that clearly transcends football and moves to a political, social and economic level, fueling a rivalry that is always very heated. Snap Something In The Scots’ Spirit When Their National Team MeetsOld enemy. appure In September 2014, the Scottish people had the chance of a lifetime: an independence referendum. This time, however, economic issues prevailed: Numbers’ party won. But we know it’s hard to stop sport and politics from intertwining. The two teams appear to be modern transfers of two armies that have faced each other for centuries on the British Isles: one inferior in numbers and the other powerful and well-equipped, who in fact often and willingly emerge victorious. This has not always been the case in football, quite the opposite. In the balance of 114 matches played, the whites are only ahead of the blues by 48 to 41. Thanks to the Scottish tactical wit.

Spoke to England striker Raheem Sterlingofficial england podcast Describing the match against Scotland he doesn’t feel too much anticipation for the British derby: “For me it will be just another match, of course there’s a story behind it, but at the same time you’re not into football.” We need to focus on the pitch and the target and we aim to get three points. We can’t take the field to fight the old battles though we know it will be a final for them. Scotland will be on a fully charged pitch but we need to think about playing as we know it, keep the ball and score. It won’t be easy, but we shouldn’t get involved in the outside environment “

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