Second Practice of Italian Grand Prix, Live: Monza’s latest updates

Second Practice of Italian Grand Prix, Live: Monza's latest updates

aWelcome to our coverage for practice for ND Italian Grand Prix At Monza. Mercedes expects that whenever we turn to any race, its position will not be the most interesting in any of the teams. The “party mode” engine modes used in teams qualifying have been outlawed starting with this Grand Prix, but I can’t see how much Mercedes is affected. Maybe they will get the pole by 0.7s instead of the very 0.9s. And in any case the team itself said that could only mean that – in saving from engine power on Saturday – it could just turn the wait into a race.

In any case, the surviving Ferrari saga is worth watching this weekend. Last week at the spa they had their worst performance in a decade, even behind Kimi R રાikkનનાnen’s Ferrari customer Alfa Romeo, qualifying and finishing 13th and 14th. Their main problem is power, in which they don’t have much. And if there was a spa power circuit, there is a Monza power circuit. This can be a really difficult week for them. I guess the grace of the savings is that no fans will be present to express their disappointment on the team’s tour.

In the second, after Dorilton Capital was sold by Williams’ team, the giant F1 News, both Frank Williams and Claire Williams – the team’s principal and deputy, respectively, will step down after this Grand Prix. It marks the end of an era for both the team and the game.

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