Snake victory in Scotland: ready to challenge independence referendum

Snp trionfa in Scozia: pronto a sfida referendum indipendenza

The Scottish National Party remained one step away from an absolute majority, but Nicole Sturgeon’s party won 64 seats (exactly half) with an unprecedented number of preferences in one vote with record turnout, with Scottish elections raising the question of independence referendum Revived. % In 2016, seven points higher). All this in spite of a constituency system that makes it difficult to reach an absolute majority (a nominal vote is counted on five “regions” that are worth about sixty seats, and which allow those who come second in various constituencies Rewards) and “useful votes” by federalists, regardless of usage.

To the delegates In addition, eight Green Depots should be added to the SNP, which apparently has an independence referendum in its program: for this reason Sturgeon also deserves to start a legal and political battle with London, when he It is considered appropriate to do so – not before the end of the epidemic and possibly when elections are favorable. In fact the majority of seats does not automatically translate into the majority of votes (the system is largely a net majority, “fist behind the post”, in which, however, the SNP is above 47%) and Sturgeon has clarified that the referendum. The fight for the archive will not be immediate in time: “This is the will of the country: there is no democratic justification for Boris Johnson or anyone else to try to block the right of the Scottish people to choose their future”.

See “Tories” If they try to give it up, they will prove inconsistently that the United Kingdom is not a partnership of equals and, unbelievably – Westminster no longer considers the United Kingdom as a voluntary union of nations: it is its own You will have a very powerful argument. In favor of freedom ”, concluded the first minister in his speech after the electoral victory. Johnson, for his part – and following announcements on the eve of the impossibility of a “divisive” referendum – adopted a more cautious tone, in which he invited all leaders of regional governments to the summit after the epidemic and reminisces That “when we work together, there is better protection of the interests of citizens of the United Kingdom and Scotland in particular, as the immunization campaign demonstrates”

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An announcement Which would certainly not convince Sturgeon or other regional governments, as it did all by itself when it came to negotiating the details of Brexit London. This opens up the scenario in which Johnson will be forced to change either politically (thus risking an internal leadership that has gone unpublished from the epidemic’s non-spectacular management, thanks to an excellent vaccination campaign ) Or it would have to be abolished by the courts, firstly the British Supreme Court – which has never dealt with such constitutional issues – and perhaps with other international institutions, with an unforeseen consequence (and which also set an example for other countries. Will prevail, for example Spain where Catalan separatists, who already have votes and seats, follow the story carefully).

Apchant johnson The election was something to be satisfied with “Super Thursday”: a clear affirmation and a bad labor result was seen by the Tories in the English local elections, after Hartlepull’s clear victory in options (a Labor allegiance for sixty years): the risk that Led by Keir Starr: A nationwide launch gives Tory eight points ahead of Labor according to polls. For Labor – without Scottish votes today, the SNP legacy has little hope nationally of overcoming a Conservative party that remains almost hegemonic in England – good news comes from Wales, where they won exactly half of the seats Achieved, which has led to improved past results – and above all from the municipal corporation, firstly the outgoing mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was re-organized with less than expected margin, thanks to the low turnout; But also won the super-mayors of the minarets of Liverpool and Greater Manchester and Greater Liverpool, leaving two of the twelve municipalities in the race for the Tories. Aspiration

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