“SPD Nidda can be Mayor”

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NIDDA – SPD Nidda reacted with astonishment to a letter from Gerald Wagner in the September 17th edition of Kreis-Anzeiger.

“What a controversial statement by Gerald Wagner regarding the nomination of an SPD candidate for mayor” can be read in the press release.

Good to know that a political rival is concerned about the nomination of an SPD candidate for mayor. Democratic rules would provide a later application deadline for an ad. That hasn’t happened yet. Now you can present your candidate to the public in the initial round. But also till the end of the application period.

However, to assume from the outset that the SPD can get closer to qualified applicants because of election results is a misconception. In Nidda the SPD had qualified applicants and the SPD could “mayor” and refer to neighboring municipalities in the Upper Hesse region such as Rheinstadt, Glauberg, Schöten, Ortenburg, Limshain, Florstadt, Wolfersheim, Altenstadt and Reichelsheim.

“Anyone who describes the election of the office of mayor as an additional soup, at the expense of the city’s treasury, has clearly not understood the purpose of democracy and direct election to the office of mayor. This has been the case since 1995. Hesse has been made possible in Hesse, says deputy chairman Raymund Becker and advises patience, first going to the federal election and then looking after the successor to the head of the city. Finally, he adds: “As a reminder : Mayor’s election term ends on April 22, 2022, and not on September 26, 2021”.


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