Stars, Italian and international, who turned 40 in 2022

Stars, Italian and international, who turned 40 in 2022

hThe year Awareness unique in itselfmature agebut still a lot the energy to sell and the desire to conquer the world, And they’ve already done a little bit, really, because the stars who will turn 40 this 2022, they already have successful over the years in their work environment.

Starting with the Italian VIPs, there are many faces to enter the “door” from the small and big screen this year: from Laura Chiatti a Francesco Sienna, gives Georgia Palmas a Eleonora PedroneMILF actor passing through silvio muchino I Juliana Moreira,

then, again, there are Andrea Delogu, Alyssa Isordi, Francesca Lodo, ​​Laura Barriales, Annette Stephens I lola pons, The last three are not Italian by birth, but having made it professionally in our country, we can even consider them a bit “ours”.

Game Champion Joe 40 . have become

Many Italian sporting champions will turn 40 in 2022. among them are swimmers Filippo Magnini, which he shares with his wife Georgia Palmas This birthday. then, again, tennis player Flavia PennettaMILF dancer Samuel Peron and footballer alberto gilardino I Antonio Cassano, We close the sports category with Boxer Clemente RousseauMILF pilot Marco Melandrik and fencer Alyssa Di Francesca,

40 years

Georgia and Filippo on the wedding day (Instagram)

Even in the world of seven notes there are some future 40-year-olds for us: in fact, they are entering the “door”. Arisa, Francesco Gabbani, Noemi, Ghemon, Giordana Angie, Clementino I dimartino (Real name: Antonio Di Martino, who fought the final Sanremo with his teammate Lorenzo Ursiulo, aka Colapace). Below, the two artists and their “very light music”, a piece were brought Sanremo 2021,

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The last 40-year-olds on our list are part of various fields from Italian politics to literature: former minister Lucia Azolina, Author paolo giordano and columnist Francesco opini, son of alba parieti,

40 years

Former Minister Azolina (Instagram)

A future king (and queen consort) is also celebrating 40 years

This year, exactly on January 9th and June 21st, they also celebrate their 40th birthday. Kate Middleton and prince William of England,

The two are of the same age, and they met during their university years in Scotland. they met in 2001 And they got married in April 2011, just ten years after their first meeting. The couple gave birth to three children, George, Charlotte and smaller louis,

40 years

The royal family in a Christmas photo (Instagram)

Who enters the “gate” abroad

Flying abroad, we find several leading actors who are about to cross the threshold of 40 years. Among them, there is a quartet of highly sought-after actresses: Jessica Biel, Kirsten Dunst, Anne Hathaway I sienna miller, among men, they reach this milestone Eddie Redmayne Ed Andy Roddick,

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among the players are footballers caucas and coach thiago motta, while among the singers turning 40 lynn rims I billy piper, Greetings to all!

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