Stranger by the sea – Poldark saga

Stranger by the sea - Poldark saga

Pampilosa, 1810. Ross Poldark, who was sent on a mission by some members of the secret government to march to the British battalions engaged in the war against the French army, is heading towards the Conference of Busco with two soldiers from the Portuguese army . He wanders several times to avoid taking part in the enemy’s patrols, the notion of wandering in circles but at sunset, he is finally stopped by a Scottish sentry who, checking the documents, leads him to the camp. Given. The headquarters, built at the expense of some beautiful cedars, is spartan but efficient. After a few moments of the two anxiously updating each other in the latest news, McNeil arrives to meet her in disbelief. Thus Ross realizes that his nephew is not far from there, after eating a soldier he stands in the lines, around midnight some soldiers in small groups whisper in a low voice, others are sleeping. Are, they are all dressed and tense waiting for a fight that will take place in a few hours. The meeting with Geoffrey Charles is warm, there is joy in every gesture and word. Ross decides to stay and fight with him and Geoffrey Charles honors him by his side, giving him a uniform so that he is not mistaken as an enemy. On 25 October 1810, the old king lost his reason. It had been around twenty-twenty-two years earlier, and in 1801 and 1804 it had also manifested a period of insanity that prevented legislative issues, each time the Wigs tried to hide their satisfaction, the Tories. Disappointed …

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Stranger from the sea Polak is the eighth episode of Sagar. Graham, between this and the previous novel, skips a ten-year-old narrative, so we find the protagonist struggling with the typical problems of older children, revealing well-defined characters and interests about the distant . The author also expresses the inept passage of time, for the beloved protagonist, in an indirect way with skillful play of mirrors and cross-references between generations that bring similarities and character differences. Attention is focused on young people, the author tells of their desire for change, interest in technological innovations (ah, how the potential potential steam engine!) Falls in love, their sense of power and initiative, on the contrary, they The relaxation and fulfillment given by advancing age highlight the type of fulfillment that should make them more generous and sensible. The historical-political part gives an accurate and well-defined picture of equilibrium, through attention to small details, through the relationship of party insurgency as well as the transformation of certain details of customs. New socials are described as “corrupted”. The style is, as always, elegant, with wonderful details of nature, both vivid and charming when it is green and succulent and when it is barren and airy. It can be said that Graham is also able to smell the smell of the ocean to the reader.


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