Success at Wenzone for ‘Youth, Europe, Autonomy’

Success at Wenzone for 'Youth, Europe, Autonomy'

More than thirty girls and boys from across the region discussed self-government, Europe, increasing diversity, protecting the environment and common goods, solidarity between regions and an equitable and sustainable economy in Wenzone. He was the hero of “Young people, Europe, autonomy “, promoted by three-day meetings EFA – European Free Alliance I compromise for autonomy, with the support of the European Parliament, which happened 27 to 29 August and which was divided into a summer school with workshops for young people and events open to the public with leading names in jurisprudence, economics and local government from across Europe.

“We wanted to give space to young people. Many of them – engaged in local civic movements and opening up political space in the region – we are cooperating closely in many places in the region in view of the upcoming administrative elections.”, He explained to the Secretary of the Treaty for Autonomy, maximum moretuzo, Venzonese are very satisfied with the outcome of the initiative: “They were three exciting days of study, analysis and proposals punctuated by workshops for comparison and training for those enrolled in summer school and very popular public programs”.

More than a hundred people attended the meetings on Saturday afternoon, when they discussed the outlook and challenges for the future of the regional regions and the renewal of autonomy in a European perspective. heath anderson, former MEP of the SNP – Scottish National Party, Lorena López de Lacalle, President of the EFA – European Free Coalition, and Martha rozic, Deputy of the ERC – Esquira Republicana de Catalunya, who took stock of the situation on the road to independence on their respective realities. In particular, Anderson focused on the Greens’ entry into the SNP-led Scottish government; Recent agreements – he explained – include a general commitment to try to achieve a post-Brexit referendum on secession from the rest of the state, ie in 2024, in the middle of the current regional legislature.

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In Venzone, cooperation was strengthened with the EFA, a group of autonomist movements of which the Treaty for Autonomy is a part and represented in the European Parliament along with the Greens. “We want a company that listens to citizens and pursues a policy of closeness to the good of all with a spirit of openness and inclusion, a cooperative spirit that supports participation”, said the EFA president. Lorena Lopez de Lacalle In the Friulian village, which is an example of resilience to its history, “the resilient we are the autonomists, the separatists of the European Free Alliance”.

“Our political action is animated from a strongly pro-European perspective – added Moretuzzo – together with EFA we work for a true European republic, in which the demands of the peoples and regions are fully represented. The challenges facing our era are “We can conquer them if we draw strength from the history of our land and take advantage of the enthusiasm of new generations”.

“During these three days we have done a lot of work on the interior and also the frontier areas – he concluded jampaolo bidoliWe are convinced that the idea of ​​a more harmonious Europe and more oriented towards processes of real change towards ecological transition, social justice and protection of rights – , who conducted the meeting with representatives of the EFA. Minorities can derive new energy from areas that have been most damaged by the boundaries of the twentieth century. It is only from inland regions such as Wenzone that we believe it is possible to experience social and economic processes capable of building diverse, more inclusive and sustainable paradigms.

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