Tea battles with Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth: At that time…

Margaret Thatcher e il tè preparato personalmente alla Regina Elisabetta

it appears that Margaret ThatcherA former British Prime Minister, once “turned away from the Queen” to drink tea at Balmoral. Balmoral is Queen Elizabeth’s summer holiday palace. A fashion guru, Susanna Constantine, tells the story. For eight years he participated David linley, Grandson of the queen and son of Princess Margaret.

Tea’s “battle” between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth

Susannah Constantine Has explained The eighties saw a curious meeting during the summer at Balmoral. The former prime minister “wanted to be in control” and was “incredibly bossy”. Constantine stated that the royal party was in a fishing shed in the grounds of the Scottish palace, and that His Majesty intended to serve tea to the guests. “People told the magazine,” the queen wanted everyone to have tea and I remember Margaret Thatcher almost gave her away to turn in the assignment.

Reference to the TV series The Crown

In one of the episodes of the fourth season of Crown Margaret and Dennis Thatcher’s first visit to a Scottish palace in August 1979, in which it appears Iron lady The so-called “balmoral test” fails.
Although the episode of the TV series is not entirely credible, it seems that the then Prime Minister still defined the first visit. “Researcher”, According to the biographer of Queen Ben Pimlot, and will agree to leave as soon as possible.

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