The German vote, the SPD rises and the authority weakens: but the parties will decide who will rule

The German vote, the SPD rises and the authority weakens: but the parties will decide who will rule

It should come as no surprise that the media, including in our country, have paid and will continue to show the attention in the days and weeks ahead towards the German elections. This is one of the signs that proves that The European Union They have taken the political events of member states, particularly when they concern prominent ones, such as Germany, France I Italy And especially when it comes to the country whose weight is particularly important in the political and economic decisions of the Union.

Results for german election, without denying the elections that gave them SPD As the party with the most votes, they are of particular interest and give early indications of the behavior of voters in that country. Without what came collectively in elections – as is the case in other countries – there has been an increase in abstinence. stood on partnership 76%, stable compared to previous elections: another indicator of the Germans’ adherence to their political system. The results of the votes published so far show that, without showing any significant change in mood (certainly less than that declared by the polls), voters have chosen to alter the balance in the relationship between the two major parties: social democrat (SPD) And this Christian Democrats (Christian Democratic Union)

relative defeat of the candidate of Christian Democratic Union (which appears to have won 50 fewer seats than in previous elections) is less severe than feared by the latest elections and strengthens the liberal wing Merkel’s party Relatively weakening the right-wing positions represented by the leader of the Bavarian wing (CSU) Marcus Souder. which, however, remains strong: so much Christian Democratic Union and its Bavarian version CSU remains the first party in Bavaria and in many other Catholic areas, while predominantly Protestant people have preferred SPD (whereas alternative to germany It’s only strong thuringia and in saxony) in short, the cultural-religious factor still matters a lot Germany. Just as generational discrimination is becoming increasingly important. In fact, among young people, the AI ​​vote is relatively more pronounced Gave (Which received far fewer votes than the elections in June and even weeks earlier – an election campaign riddled with errors and multiple mistakes of their leader – but reported the best results in their history), while older people vote more Christian Democratic Union hey SPD

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In Germany, on the contrary, for example, in United States of america, Votes are counted quickly and without significant disputes (even the vote of the leader of the SPD The one who folded the card incorrectly – and was therefore recognizable – quietly accepted), but, at the same time, it is not easy to know quickly what will be a government majority. In fact, the Germans choose through elections only the house of their representatives and not even the president and even the government. Germany, which has a rigid parliamentary system and a solid party state (the position of the parties, which German citizens largely prefer), leaves the choice of government to agreements between political forces and the chancellor. Bundestag, That is, for parliamentary groups.

For the first time, many believe that forming a government would require a three-party agreement between the two parties as before. In fact, this time too a majority would be possible in principle, thanks only to an agreement between the two major parties: i social democrat EI christianodemocratsii. But it is not clear at all whether it will be a coalition that will implement itself through talks that will soon open. In fact, at least two other alliances remain likely, although the first requires a somewhat more laborious agreement between the three partners: either cdu, liberals and greens, or SPD With the same two partners. It will be understood in the next few days if there is a re-edition of the traditional one with changed roles. great alliance It is possible or not. otherwise they will be me Gave To decide which of the two major parties to rule with by trying to find an agreement with the third: the liberal party. Christian Lindner.

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The bad reputation of the parties in Italy stems from a superficial view of a political system in which the parties, in a certain sense, decide on the executive. And not the majority of voters. But in this view the role of parties in a democracy is underestimated and the role of the electorate is underestimated. In UK there’s practically always been a bipartisan system (today, furthermore, in crisis due to the birth of the Scottish Nationalist Party), stabilized by an electoral formula that keeps the doors almost completely closed to potential third parties, and which generally allows us to know that Which of the two parties will rule House of Commons and the executive until the next election.

But in political systems characterized by party fragmentation, coalitions are necessary because there is no way for it to govern – as UK – only one party, since Germany, Also in the form of Italy and in france, Now the first party collects no more than a quarter of the votes cast. It can be argued that the alliance should be established before the election and not after, so that the voters know who will form an alliance with whom after the election result. There are good reasons in favor of such an argument, but on the one hand it conflicts with the constitutional principle of a free mandate of the elected and on the other it contributes to the disqualification of the role of parties in political life and hence their arbitration functions. , which is necessary in any representative Govt. Pitting voters against parties can be a dangerous game.

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For example, explanations relying on the difference between Italian and German have a taste for mental laziness. Of course, history and different cultures matter. But instead of opposing the sovereign people to those parties – which are often considered evil and untrustworthy by their nature in our country – we should try to do something so that the parties better themselves and have more trust on the part of the electorate. Be the object We have never seen people in the modern world who control themselves without mediation.

Renato Mannheimer, Pasquale Pasquino


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