The Junge Union Halves Draft Horse Sodere

The Junge Union Halves Draft Horse Sodere

wooIf he only looks at whether a traffic light can actually show red, yellow and green at the same time, it’s easy to miss something even more unreliable. This happened a few days ago in Degendorf, Lower Bavaria. After that, the rest of the republic would have had to stand, at least for a moment: CSU youth killed Marcus Söder in his state assembly.

Yes you read that right. This was erased by a decision that should have said it was time to “build a powerful, new team behind our strong worker Marcus Söder”. Junj Union not only removed Marcus and Söder from the application text, but also removed the strong draft horse. and not with the modest approval of 30 plus x percent, as given to the CSU in the recent federal election, but with a three-quarters majority (in numbers: 75 percent).

unimaginable under the bull step

Yes, have young CSUers gone mad? There would have been no such opposition to the vigorous draft animals under Ochsenseepp! The man they used to call the horse is clearly the best stallion in the stables. What do you mean, his “one-man-show” must stop? He would have been happy if he was a solo entertainer at CDU. The problem with the half-sister party is that there are too many of them in their ranks. At least in highlands such as Scotland and Bavaria, however, the old Highlander rule is still followed: there can only be one.

The same can be said about the permission of JU. These residents saw Souder’s chair as dirty as they saw Seehofer’s chair. No wonder the drawn draft horse is now sad, shy, and buck: Söder doesn’t go to Münster for the Young Federalists of Germany Day. would be even better. Grateful gang! Where would the CDU and CSU end up if Soder had not wholeheartedly supported Lachette in the election campaign, not with all her might and without resentment! Perfect: Back in Govt. Indeed, the Sangh can no longer be expected to do so as it has come to know how things really are.

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