The Loch Ness Hunter: Find a Monster

The Loch Ness Hunter: Find a Monster

Loch Ness Myth

The myth of being in Loch Ness actually dates back hundreds of years. The first record of seeing a large organism is in the year 565 BC. Saint St. Columba is said to have been attacked at that time by “something big”. In the centuries that followed, brief references were made repeatedly, but the subject did not really advance until 1933: “Until then, it was always about a big fish,” Feltham explains. “After seeing another, the editor of the local newspaper said, if this animal is as big as this woman says, we can’t call it a big fish. We have to call it what it is: a monster.” The title “Monsters seen in the Scottish Sea” went around the world.

Since then, many photos of people wanting to see Nessie have been taken. History is not as easy to refute as you might think: at 227 meters, Loch Ness is extremely deep. The water is “as brown as Coca-Cola”, says Feltham. Many expeditions arrived in Scotland, thousands of visitors. There is also one Forum, To which everyone can upload their “vision”. It currently counts 1135 entries. Some are fake, Feltham are certain, but some are not.

“The best evidence so far was last summer. My friend Ronald McKenzie drives a big excursion boat here,” Feltam says. “He’s been doing eight trips a day for 40 years. He called me last September. Was: Five minutes after he left, a large object 7.5 meters long hit his radar. For him, the call is a ray of hope that the next proof is around the corner. “This device doesn’t make anything or mockery of people. Does not blow It records what happens. “

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