The undefeated Steelers looked ‘really junior university’ despite winning

The undefeated Steelers looked ‘really junior university’ despite winning

A surreal journey to go on Wednesday with the win also came to an end. Game three was postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak for Ravens, which was initially the final competition in the Thanksgiving tripleheader. Thursday through Sunday to Tuesday From Wednesday – finally. But with all the delay and uncertainty, there was no consolation for Tomlin, who refused to make excuses for the absurdity of what came before the game.

“We make no excuses,” he said. “We didn’t find any rest. We didn’t play well tonight, the coach will do well.”

Known for giving frequently elaborate answers to his pressures, T, Malin was mostly short and passionate. This left a clearly horrible taste. Just how horrible?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I know this one is pretty frustrating.”

There is no harm yet for the Steelers, but the concerns abound. However, Tomlin believes that the need for fixing is not as difficult to consider.

“We don’t have to rediscover the cycle,” he said. “It’s not some changeable thing that needs to transpire. We got to coach better and play better when we got inside the bowl. I hope our group will do it on Monday night, Monday evening, whenever we play.”

And so the Steelers move on to a second rescheduled game in Monday’s match with Wassington with a full record and an unsatisfactory performance.


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