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From Sarah Gandolfi

Swedish activist on COP option: “Change will not come from within.” About one and a half lakh signatures gathered from the appeal “against treason”

There they pretend. We can abbreviate the day with this phrase Greta Thunberg in Glasgow. From “Blablabla”, with which he branded Pre-Cop in Milan, also picked up by the British premiere on Monday. boris johnson, the eighteen-year-old Swede, the epitome of young people’s climate revolt in the Scottish town, has proceeded in stronger words: “Inside the COP there are only politicians and people in power who pretend to take our future seriously, they first Ever since pretending to take the appearance of those affected by the climate crisis seriously. But change won’t come from within. It’s not leadership, it’s leadership ». Pippi Longstocking Activist with braids and a face that spans a moment from pat to smile swings in, thus irritating “his” crowd, which are many of the demonstrators. FridayForFuture (FFF)
Gathered in Glasgow’s Festival Park regardless of the cold wind. And in the end, everyone sang “Blahblabla” in the chorus. Like normal boys.

From above

Greta stayed out of the greats room at the Scottish Event Center, where it happens Cop26. Feather, and it is not yet known whether political leaders will leave the microphone this time, as happened in the past and also in Milan, in the pre-cop. His spokesman does not open the button: “He has other meetings with world leaders and will be at demonstrations on Friday and Saturday.” Nothing else. This time. He recited the same to himself from above through stereo speakers. At a certain point their voices remixed with electronic music, around a crowd of people waiting to show off masks and anti-Covid tests at the entrance of the conference centre. A thought from his young fans, who retweeted his appeal to sign an open letter accusing politicians of treason: «This is not an exercise. This is the red code for Earth. Millions of people will suffer because our planet is devastated – a terrible future will be created, or the decisions you make will be avoided. You have the power to make decisions.

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Meeting with the Scottish Premier

In the afternoon, the Swedish “passionaria”, along with Vanessa Nakate and other activists, was met by Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who immediately began a spirited tweet: “The voices of the youth must be heard loud and clear at COP26”. In fact, Scotland even ended up in Greta’s crosshairs in recent weeks for failing to keep up with its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.


An urgent appeal was sent to world leaders via the NGO Avaaz website and immediately went viral (subscriptions of “betrayal”, that’s the title of the letter, reached nearly a half a million in a few hours), now everyone is watching Greta End. For the big FridayForFuture event to be held in the streets of Glasgow on Friday, with the final stage for the company, and the next one on Saturday. Thousands of workers are gathering in Scotland’s largest city these days. In addition to the youth of the FFF, members of the Ocean Rebellion, who led a procession of “dead mermaids” along the Clyde River, and those of Extinction Rebellion are already making their voices heard. For many of them, the trip to Glasgow is almost a pilgrimage that will reach its climax on Saturday, thanks to a “procession” that will unite all groups under a single slogan: save the planet.

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