Thoughts of Prince Charles Welcome Refugees at Balmoral –

Thoughts of Prince Charles Welcome Refugees at Balmoral -
Of Enrica Roddolo

The Prince of Wales plans to host some Ukrainian refugees at the Windsor holiday residences. her foundation at work

Charles, the heir to the throne, was too harsh from the start to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, giving his staff the task of studying how, where and with what methods, some Ukrainians fled their lands. Went.

At work will be the Princess Foundation, a charity headed by the Prince of Wales., which may have been looking for a way to live on the Scottish estate of Elizabeth II’s refugee son. Over the years the heir to the throne has supported a program of reintegration into the world of work for those in trouble, along with a sustainable occupation. And it may be the context in which Elizabeth II’s successor may be helping a group of Ukrainian refugees.

The locations under study will be of residences outside London, precisely Dumfries House in Scotland which belongs to the Prince as well as the Duchy of Cornwall, but is also Balmoral where the Queen resides during the summer months. And by the way, rumors have appeared in recent days, according to which it is not only the largest and most spacious residence for the next summer holidays of the sovereign, but also the small Craigovan lodge that Philip loves.

The Solidarity Plan – which, if implemented, would mark a new step for Windsor towards a more political role in the context of current events and humanitarian emergencies. – Will be supported by William and also subject to the sovereign. A statement from a royal spokesman, as reported by the Scottish Daily Express, confirmed Windsor’s direct involvement in a humanitarian plan to host Ukrainian refugees, according to which the royal family is evaluating a range of options to ensure their aid. Used to be. Solid and Support.

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The first concrete help was immediately guaranteed by the sovereign with a generous donation. In favor of DEC, an acronym that stands for Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal, and brings together 15 British charities that were immediately mobilized for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Emergency.

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