Thousands on the Streets to Save the Planet

Thousands on the Streets to Save the Planet

Bellinzona/Bern – Almost a week after the start of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the “climate strike” movement has once again hit the streets in Switzerland. Several thousand people gathered on Federal Square in the afternoon in Bern. Demonstrations took place in several other Swiss cities.

In the capital of Ticino in the seventeenth century… – stands out among them of bellinjona, where about six hundred young Ticinos marched on the piazza government with the slogan “Far from our future”. Activists of the Ticino Climate Strike have especially supported it. MapThat is, the regions that suffer the most consequences, even if they are not the least responsible for climate change. “Even today we are on strike. This time we want to highlight those areas and those who are already facing a much greater climate crisis”, he emphasized tessa viglezio, one of the Ticino protesters. “The rise in temperature has shown that even here in Switzerland, certain sections of the population are more vulnerable to extreme weather events”. “Climate justice means understanding that we are not all in the same boat,” he declares, for his part. larissa bison During his speech in Piazza Collegiata. “It means realizing one’s own privileges and polluting role, and acting accordingly.”

… many more in the federal one – In the federal city, about 3,500 people broke into the square in front of the Parliament building. Among them were also a number of smaller groups from locations in the urban belt of Bern, who congregated on Federal Square along a sort of star-shaped avenue. Various speakers urged for a policy of “adopting social and ecological measures to protect the climate”. The same messages also performed well on several banners put up by the protesters.

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Two thousand in the city of Calvino – In Geneva, according to police, about 2000 people paraded through the streets of the historic center to Piazza delle Nazioni. According to the organizers this symbolic place was chosen to commemorate The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which announced last summer that “extreme weather events will occur with unprecedented frequency and severity in the future.” Hundreds of people also took part in parades and demonstrations in Basel, Bien and Neuchâtel.

Scottish appointment – The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference will begin in Glasgow on 31 October. Given that many countries have not honored the commitments made in terms of climate protection, there has been much criticism in the global community. Therefore, according to experts, the jointly set target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees in 2015 is far from over. These international events aim to increase pressure on governments and motivate them to ultimately act and take the necessary measures to achieve climate goals.

“Big Commitment” – For Switzerland, the “Climate Strike” movement calls for “a greater commitment to ambitious international measures and a rapid reduction in emissions at home”.

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