Trade coupons, did they work or not? Council Questions

  Trade coupons, did they work or not?  Council Questions

In early December, in the trade, to help crush the city from the weight of the crisis triggered by the Kovid emergency, and in sanctions to curb contagion, Tredet encourages businesses to shop in city shops ” Coupons “initiative was launched. . Were they useful?

Trade coupons, did they work?

Three opposition groups to ask are consultants for Pd, Participant Always and Civic Innovation. To answer, the next city council to be held on Monday 22 February will be Mayor Giuseppe Basiala, the representative of commerce. The initiative included distribution in 5 Euro voucher shops to be traded to citizens traded for every 50 Euro purchased and “spendable” in other shops in the city for their purchase.

In committee tomorrow

Awaiting the city council, tomorrow evening 19 February, on Friday 19 February, a meeting of the Economic Development Commission will be held in the Town Hall, which will try to prepare a balance sheet of the initiative, the period of which initially extended to impeachment Was given Vouchers were sold.

Demand for minorities

Even before departure, the opposition had welcomed the proposal made by the traders, though with some reservations about the formulas chosen by the administration as a “boundary” for “tradesme”. Now it’s time to pick up the stock: PD, Participate Always and Civic Innovation asked the mayor “in view of potential possible interventions in favor of the city’s commerce”: “The actual number of businesses involved in the project and some traders cited the reason . Do not join the initiative, if all coupons were used, the degree of satisfaction of the merchants involved in the initiative (if a survey has been activated on the subject, if this operation has in fact been a driving force for local business ) And if the municipal administration intends to replicate this initiative in the future, as it is considered successful or if it intends to amend it, as it is considered ineffective, or if the municipal administration no longer intervenes Not considered necessary ”.

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