United Kingdom and Brexit’s extraordinary success

United Kingdom and Brexit's extraordinary success

Luckily there is Kovid there! It should be more or less Boris Johnson’s argument every day updates on British economic data.

The final figures for 2020 show that the reduction in exports of the 10 main products of British exports to Europe was 75% on average (in value). But, in fact, it can always be said that it was Kovid and the interruption in trade due to the epidemic.

Too bad that as the data on intra-EU trade tells us, the decrease in cross-border traffic in the Union has led to a 15% decrease on average; A far cry from the figures for the collapse of UK exports. If lamb and mutton sales fell ‘only’ 45.1% in the European Union, salmon recorded ‘excellent’ —98%. -91.5% of beef and -86.9% of pork were closely followed.

Of course, the effects of Kovid are inexplicably heavy; And it is difficult to separate from Brexit. Both effects will take a few years to intensify. But certainly the reduction in EU imports from Great Britain is impressive. And it raises troubling questions about the political stability of the state. Because, for example, the Scottish economy is strongly linked to the export of whiskey (-63.1%, with a loss in value of £ 66.5 million) and the salmon that we have seen literally stuck at the borders.

In short, the monarchy begins to bear fruit. We can get a little less mint lamb from when we start our trip to Great Britain, but in return they will give us fresh and smoked salmon at cheaper prices. Probably with a good hot chocolate (-68.4%). A truly extraordinary success.

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