United Kingdom, plans to reopen international tourism – Wired

United Kingdom, plans to reopen international tourism - Wired

for arrivals from green countries, people have to go through a quick swab before the start of the journey. then to perform a Molecular test within two days since his arrival in England. If they are not positive, they will not have to go into quarantine.

for the yellow countriesInstead, it will be mandatory to pass 10 days in quarantine Once arrived in England, a quick test prior to travel and 10 days of isolation underwent two molecular swabs: one on the second day and one on the eighth day. Molecular testing will be allowed after the fifth day for an early exit from the quarantine.

For those coming from countries in RedIn the end, the rules will definitely be stricter. Must spend 10 days of quarantine special accommodation facilities Which will welcome people coming from the highest risk countries. One swab before departure and two swabs upon return will always be required. Molecular testing will not be allowed on the fifth day to get out of the first isolation. Other than this, Citizens of red countries will not be able to enter England Unless you are a UK resident or have British or Irish citizenship.

While containment measures are necessary, this system may discourage inbound tourism from the UK. NS Cost to carry out All tests can exceed 300 pounds, about 350 euros (daily independent reports that a test costs around £150). Along with this, the cost of staying in quarantine hotels will also have to be borne by the traveling people.

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