United Kingdom’s “soft power” after Brexit

United Kingdom's

For the radical consequences in defining the new political equilibrium in Europe and the global arena, Brexit has a historical significance that is probably comparable to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Three months after the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU), slogans were raised for “back control” Launch a “Global Britain”, Cleverly used by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dai Brexiters Continue the buzz, but London, which now has full control over its borders (or nearly so), immigration, domestic affairs and the economy, must be demonstrated to be a truly relevant global player Brexit model effectiveness.

In other words, Brexit could become a “soft power” tool for the UK which is useful to reinvent its role in the global arena. Unlike “sharp power”, which involves the use of information manipulation or “smart power” that combines coercion and conceptual tools, soft power is culturally and ideologically the rest of the world through social models, economic and cultural Is based on the ability to influence. So attractive that they are spontaneously copied or taken as references. Those who use soft power may like it Influence the decisions of others for your benefit, Without the use of coercion.

However, the potential British soft power cannot ignore the actual political, economic and social demonstrations that will be recorded in these months.

Internal division

For domestic politics, the country is more divided than ever. The statements of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who have repeatedly emphasized how The future of independent Scotland lies within the European Union, We should add the Northern Irish question, which costs London Inauguration of a breach process (By the Union) for compliance with the obligations derived from the withdrawal agreementClearance agreement).

Economic performance is also not the best. Due to the epidemic, in 2020, UK GDP collapses 10,3%, Which was much higher than the European average –6,4% And -6.8% of the eurozone, but also of the Italian figure which was-8.8% According to the European Commission. We should not add to this by 2021. Already January trade with the European Union, which has always been London’s main economic partner, Fell by a third. Exports of goods to the European Union fell 38%, Much higher than imports, which fell by 16%.

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This final figure is not attributable only to Kovid, noting that exports and imports to non-European countries fell much more in the same period than in the same period. 7,5% And 9.3% and therefore appears to be a clear result of Brexit and A The return of borders with all the bureaucratic delays that derive from it.

A model headlines?

What Britain is doing better than other countries, and of course the European Union, is the vaccination campaign. Already given the first dose 37,98% With a population of around 28 million people, the British government seems to demonstrate how beneficial Brexit has been, at least in this regard. Despite deaths in Britain, there were around 126 thousand, leading the country in the tragic rankings, placing the country first in Europe, for the vaccination campaign, which began in December 2020, three weeks before the EU. Good result. It is expected that by the end of July 2021, most citizens will have received at least the first dose, with the possibility of a return to normal life. On the other hand, the European landscape is much grayer. So far, only 13% of the European population has been vaccinated, more or less the Italian figure, where only million.2 million citizens have been vaccinated, about A quarter in the uk.

In short, the Brexit model may return, at least in the final period, due to the issue of vaccination and the British ability to withstand the epidemic compared to other countries. The political contingency of the moment, the prospects of financing the next generation of the European Union, but the seriousness of the health and economic crisis, are also overshadowing Independence and nationalist pressure of some parties in member countries. However, this does not mean that an anti-European sentiment is not yet latent and cannot be exploited by the various sovereign parties at the right time, like the rest of the EU countries in Italy.

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While it is true that the majority of European citizens are currently focused on how to avoid an epidemic economically, psychologically and socially, and to rely on the governments in charge to face the crisis, once epidemic member states and European The Sangh will have to report its mistakes, if any. However, it will also affect the United Kingdom. Yet to be evaluated Brexit’s impact on the country. Certainly greater independence also corresponds to the burden of promoting a social, economic and cultural model that is so effective as to convince the famous 48% who voted against Brexit and make the United Kingdom among the world powers Voted to keep or even resume it.


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