Vaccines in Tuscany: Increased use of AstraZeneca, away from people aged 75–79

Vaccines in Tuscany: Increased use of AstraZeneca, away from people aged 75–79

Florence. New update on the region’s vaccination campaign after a green light from the Ministry of Health to use the AstraZeneca vaccine against Kovid for people over 65. Only those defined as “extremely weak” in relation to pathology are excluded.

An antidote, Anglo-Swedish company, which has had a singular use, with a gradual enlargement: first charged with ineffectiveness, then reserved for people under 55, then under 65, and finally, the latest news. Without, age limit. Today, or at the latest tomorrow, the region will open an ad hoc section on the online booking agenda ( Is reserved for the elderly aged 75 to 79 years.

Thus began mass vaccination. The expansion of AstraZeneca was made possible by a circular signed by the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health Giovanni Reza.

“Further scientific evidence is available – the ministerial circular reads – not only confirming the vaccine’s safety profile, but also indicating that, after age 65, administration of AstraZeneca is important both from the development of the disease and from both Able to ensure safety. Severe or fatal forms of Kovid “.

A go-ahead is also provided here as it recognizes that “a public health perspective characterized by the limited availability of vaccine doses and the need to provide protection to groups at risk of developing a serious disease or fatal form of disease.” “”.

Hence the concept is this: We do not have many supplements and therefore we administer whatever is available to us. Thus began an operation to fix the reliability of the Anglo-Swedish company’s vaccines. Professor Francesco Manichetti, The director of the Infectious Disease Clinic at the University Hospital of Pisa, however, leaves him in no doubt about the expansion of AstraZeneca and its audience of beneficiaries.

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Professor, what point of view should we take regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine? Until a few weeks ago there was doubt about use for people under 55, however, it is now authorized to be used without age restriction.

«Reliability and detail are more appropriate than the English experience, particularly the Scottish one. Unfortunately there was a bad initial information, the product was not valued. Then there were new scientific acquisitions and approval from IIFA. (Italian Medicine Agency, ed.)»

Can you elaborate on why we can trust you?

“Regarding the Scottish experience, we have had a decrease in hospital admissions, in 82% of cases with Pfizer and 94% with AstraZeneca. It should be used without age limit and even with single dose. I will explain Keep as few doses as possible. This is not the case in Tuscany which keeps stocks to a minimum but now in our region the AstraZeneca vaccine should be used immediately in the group of up to 79 years of age.

The ministry specifies that the vaccine is not indicated for extremely vulnerable people due to immunodeficiency conditions or due to diseases that increase the risk of death. What do you think

“This statement would be highly doubtful. I think the hint is a preferential use in these cases, if you have Pfizer or Modern then proceed with them. But if they are not there, it is necessary to continue with the other types. After all, Johnson & Johnson and Russian Sputnik are also similar to AstraZeneca, namely a viral vector. (Which uses a virus to carry a piece of pathogen into the cell that should prevent it from infection, ed)»

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So any hesitation?

“Of course, also no hesitation because the vaccination policy should be consistent with availability, it should be calibrated at the best and possible using the well we have”.

And then professorWhich measures are desirable against viruses?

“In addition to maximizing the administration of vaccines, it is important to stop people to minimize the spread of the virus. The color system does not help us overcome the disease. Infections affected by infection with timely investigations on the development of the virus In particular it is better to prevent closure at the provincial level ”. –

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