Voucher is also for Summer Center 2021 Educational Farm Coldiretti Umbria

Voucher is also for Summer Center 2021 Educational Farm Coldiretti Umbria

Vouchers for summer centers 2021 for educational farms as well. Coldiretti Umbria’s satisfaction with the result achieved

Thanks for the clarification request by coldiretti umbria With regard to the call for the provision of contribution towards partial/total coverage of expenses incurred by families for participation of preschool children and youth in compulsory education in 2021 Summer Centres, from today it is also learned that educational form Companies registered in the regional list and carrying out social agricultural activities and considered as applicants.

Educational Farm is a reality that the pandemic has exploded along with the need for the freedom and safety of Italians, who are besieged by the COVID emergency, to seek open spaces and get in touch with nature. In educational form Young children go to discover the world of bees, sensory botanical gardens and pet therapy But at school in the countryside the younger guests learn to cook, milk the cows in the stables or feed the chicks and farm animals without forgetting the tasting workshops. An important innovation to integrate the offer of educational services for children in Italy in difficult times for the country.

“We are very satisfied with the clarification we have received from the Umbria region regarding the announcement” summer center – Commented by the director of Coldiretti Umbria mario rossi – Because educational farms and social farming activities represent a high-performing educational proposition, embody values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are indispensable to the development of the individual and being a legitimate support for families, they are certainly Can’t stay out of kind important support. These open-air classrooms not only make it possible for children of life to become heroes in the field through active participation in activities related to sowing, harvesting, animals, but also make them sensitive to the environment, protect life, promote make. Healthy, fun and exciting interests. We feel a great responsibility for the development of tomorrow’s citizens and we want them to be aware and proud to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Our goal – underlined Rossi – is to train consumers who are aware of the principles of healthy nutrition and the seasonality of products in order to enhance the foundations of the Mediterranean diet and to re-build the link that leads to agricultural products being consumed every day. Unites with the foods to be carried, forming a solid. A network of cooperation capable of guaranteeing the spread of good social farming practices”

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Educational farms are farms that are authorized by Target to conduct field training for new generations – specifies coldiretti – on environmental education through knowledge of the countryside with its own rhythm, the change of seasons and the possibility of production in a sustainable way”.

In a period of change, as we are experiencing, the strategic role of agriculture for the economy and society is increasingly being affirmed. The products and services offered by agriculture not only have intrinsic value to them, but also a general well-being for the community made up of environmental protection, health security, quality of life and personal growth.


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