What might be the Cincinnati Bengals QB recovery recovery

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Bur Burrow reported a significant, yet relatively minor injury to the Washington Football team on Sunday.

Early in the third quarter, Burroughs went down to pass back and hit a blow to his knee after he threw the ball. Burroughs ripped his ACL, According to Ian Repoport Of the NFL network. The Bengals will not confirm the NFL Network report on the torn ACL and Bengal’s head coach Zack Taylor is expected to give an update on the status of the borough on Monday.

Mercy Health, whose d. Mark T. Galloway is the team’s physician, a spokeswoman for Bone Seekers Mercy Health, issued the following statement by Nanette Bentley: “Because of the Health Privacy Act, we are unable to comment.”

If Burroughs ripped his ACL, the medical director of the Cincinnati Reds Dr. Timothy Kramek Inquirer said there is a real expectation that Burroughs should return in nine to 12 months, from the end of August to November 2021.


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