Why do Simpsons characters speak in dialect? The truth about Italian dubbing

  Why do Simpsons characters speak in dialect?  The truth about Italian dubbing

As might be expected, Fox has renewed The Simpsons for two more seasons, which will bring the show to an astonishing number 35 episodes cycle, And confirms itself One of the longest surviving and most liked products in the history of world television. Its great ability to break through is also a culturally specific cause.

We have seen together what the Simpsons cat lady is called, however today we would like to talk to you about one of the special features that the product designed allowed Matt Groening To be so successful in Italy. Do you ever wonder whyDo the various characters of The Simpsons speak in dialect? Here is the truth about the choice of dubbing.

Cultural adaptation

One of the most important features of I simpson It has always been at the core, which is capable of “Total” sarcasm and irony, Politics at any level and at any level, even more Layered american society. To characterize the Italian version and prevent it from losing the cultural matrix United States of america Allowed the show to be a big hit, he settled on one Hard choice, Or that Adapt cultural references as much as possible so that they are understood by the local public.

for example, Carl carlson Is an African American character whose The origins are island. Speaking in American standard, It is clear that the intention was to create a good contrast in Karl’s origin. In Italy, The Simpsons began to succeed around time Lega Veneta and Lega Lombarda together form the Northern League, A party that has always kept the importance of its policy Immigration Control and its Regulation. The decision to let Carlos speak in Veneto, therefore, wanted to make A. Similar contrast What happened in its original version.

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Another great example Gardener willie, Scottish e in native language Sardinian in Italian. Pull on Italian of the Scots of the Scots with Italian One of Sardinian It wasn’t complicated, because Willie talks to Ek in The Simpsons Difficult to understand american accentMuch happens in the Italian adaptation with Sardini.

In the end, wanting to give Commissioner winchester And other policemen Southern accent According to law enforcement officials in Italy enters another classic stereotype Many members from southern Italy. In short, a satire that affects everyone, and on many levels. Perhaps, in the historical period we live now At least some dubbing options would have been suspectHowever, it is undisputed Attribute matrix that he gave to the series.

Now you have the ball: You knew the reasons behind the particular choice Bids in the subjectItalian adaptation Of I simpsonThe Can you give us another exampleThe Let us know, as always, with a good comment in the space dedicated to them!


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