World Cup 2030, Guadeloupe came forward: “There is a lot of passion here, we are very interested”

World Cup 2030, Guadeloupe came forward:

Cycling is fast becoming a global sport. It is also defined by the sequence of places chosen for i road world championship, Between the recent past and the near future: the list includes Belgium in 2021, Australia in 2022, Scotland in 2023, Switzerland in 2024 And Rwanda in 2025, Going a bit further back in time, there may also be an unusual theatre, especially for large international stages, but certainly fascinating. come forward with the idea of ​​candidacy is really GuadeloupeAn archipelago in the Caribbean Sea that is an overseas department of France.

These days the island of Guadeloupe is in the center of sporting attention due to the advent of the Route du Rhum sailing regatta. On this occasion State President Mohd. Harry ChalusLocal sport spoke of intentions: “We are working with the cycling committee to apply to organize the road world championships 2030words quoted by LeCycle,

“We are currently discussing this with the International Cycling Union and its president,” david lappartient – He added Frederick TheobaldThere is political will, the department is very interested in the candidature – President of the Guadeloupe Regional Cycling Committee. This is possible given the passion for cycling here. We could be the first Caribbean country to host the World Cup. Here we know how to organize big events, the proof of which is the Route du Rhum or the Davis Cup, which was played here in 2016. 8 years ahead, it can also be a springboard to implement strategies for our youth.

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an appointment in Guadeloupe behind which there are now several versions, the Tour de la Guadeloupe, which is numbered 10 stages in 2022 and is a race on the UCI calendar. However, it should be noted that France i already have world cup 2027which will be in haute-savoie and which would mean “super”, i.e. one that brings together all cycling disciplines in one world championship designation (as in Glasgow during the coming month of August).

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