World squares party for Italy’s victory at Euro 2020

Italy’s victory in the European Championship was celebrated by many Italians living abroad, but also by foreign fans. Provocative video of Merkel’s official praise and front pages of German newspapers and the Blue Party in the world for Euro 2020 victory

The tricolor stands in all cities of the world: it’s a celebration of victory at Euro 2020 @GettyImages

To support the feat of Mancini’s boys last night at Wembley Euro 2020 final against EnglandThere was not only the whole of Italy, but also half of the world. there were clearly many Italians living abroad, But foreign fans Those who sympathize with Italy or slightly dislike England. And when Donnarumma in doubt saved the decisive penalty, the party broke up :da London and New York, from Rome to Edinburgh, from Berlino and Sydney. Everywhere the same cry ‘Italy, Italy’.

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Celebration of Italy’s victory in the world

he notices it during the journey, Maybe on another continent far away, and you meet another Italian living in that place – which is often because we’ve actually migrated all over the world! In that meeting we become aware of our bond with our country.

Italy Euro 2020 party in the world
Party at a Cannes restaurant hosting the festival these days @Getty Images

When you live abroad Then link with italy It becomes even stronger, national issues are more felt, there is apathy and the need to reaffirm its identity. when it happens that national victory And he hoists the tricolor on the top step of the podium, all the patriotic pride comes out and you feel a little stronger. So last night the party broke out after Italy’s victory in all the cities of the world.

Party in London: great satisfaction

For Italians living in London There was a very strong feeling last night. Winning at home to the British, who had already felt they were cups and had been repeating ‘It’s Coming Home’ for a week, instead, we know where it went: it went to Rome.

Italy Euro 2020 World Party
Italian fans at Wembley Stadium @GettyImages

But last night’s victory is a the revenge with a deep taste against the British brexie, against those ‘go home Italians’ and Europeans who have become foreigners and also against ordinary people; Like those who said in our first lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic that ‘Italians take the opportunity to relax’. One doctor to tell the truth was Christian Jason, who later apologized prematurely, best known for his ‘shameful disease’ program. And it is clear that the disease is not the only shameful person in this matter.

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And so on the night of London, when Stadium at Wembley Chiellini raises the cup and fireworks begin, you can hear screams of joy that pierce the astonishing silence of the British.

party italy city world
Italian fans at Wembley: about 6000, 60,000 were British @GettyImages

they come from Italian Restaurants in Soho Where many compatriots have met, but also from the homes of many Italians living in London and who with a certain courage and pride have hoisted the tricolor outside the door of their home.

Italy’s Victory Party in New York

The largest Italian community abroad lives in the United States. a’Migration from Italy to the States continues One who crosses, by now it may be said, centuries. The first Italians arrived in the New World with a cardboard suitcase in hand, after a month’s voyage and arriving at Ellis Island, with the horror of being sent back. This is the late 1800s.

You are now in New York within hours of the flight and with a visa in hand that ensures entry. but as of today we hope American Dream.

But even people who have lived in America for 60 years, who were born in the United States to Italian parents who only have Italian grandparents, feel Link with Italy. So last night Italian restaurants and bars in New York, but also in Los Angeles and Miami, turned stadiums on the curve. Italians and Italian Americans all together on 12th Street in New York. With the party organized by Italian restaurant Ribalta: three maxi screens and a closed street. And on the final victory, the tricolor waved below the Empire State Building.

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At the moment, due to COVID restrictions, there is no Italian Tourists in the United States, The celebrations and the screams are from our migrants. Those who will stay in America for a few months and then return, those who live there. There’s even more of the Italian pride in everyone from last night.

Everyone in Scotland cheers for Italy

He never hid that he would be rejoicing against England in this European Championship. On the other end Scotland He has always tolerated London’s decisions badly, he claims his independence, has no sympathy for the British in general and, since he voted for Brexit, tolerates them even less. Huh.

Celebrations for Euro 2020 Italy in the world
The first page of The National dedicated to Italy’s victory

So tomorrow before the final Scottish newspaper ‘The National’ was titled ‘Save as Roberto, You’re our final hope’, or ‘Save as Roberto, you’re our last hope’ complete with a photomontage Mansini – Brave. And today it’s in the headlines: ‘It’s Coming Rome’ is doing just that to the British.

So broke the delight of the Scottish fans who gathered with the Italians to follow the game to the last penalty last night. Under a heavy rain – hence the British – the Scots took thanks for Italy, gratifying to see their English cousins ​​lower their heads.

Italian Party in Melbourne

Last night there were people who celebrated the blues in their undershirts and who did it with duvets before leaving for work. yes because on the other side of the road a Melbourne in Australia Is Cold, And the temperature these days is around 10 degrees.

Not only that: Melbourne is 10 hours ahead of Italy, so the games were broadcast while it was in Australia early morning.

Party for Italy's victory in Melbourne
Melbourne Italians All Together Italy Match @GettyImages . follow up

But the Italians living in Australia didn’t let this stop them and got up at 5 a.m. to follow the national team. yesterday they were all together Carlton, IItalian District of Melbourne, to follow the match together – at kick-off the sun hadn’t come out yet! – And then everyone celebrates together a Ligon Street.

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Celebration of Italy's victory in the world
Celebrating Italy’s victory in Melbourne @GettyImages

The desire was to share that feeling with other compatriots, to party together. And they did it with flags and tricolor balloons. A different situation in Sydney where the resurgence of infections triggered the lockdown. But Italy is celebrated from afar.

Celebrations in Berlin

There was a party yesterday where the Italians are. And since Italians are almost everywhere, parties are all over the world! The Italian community in Berlin followed the match in favor of Italy surrounded by German fans.

Germany, on the other hand, came out of the hands of the British right from Euro 2020, so it was waiting for its revenge. Then it must be said that there has always been a strong rivalry between the two countries, not just football.

So not only were Alexander Platz’s songs accompanied by a lot of tricolor flags to celebrate the Azurri, but also the front pages of many German newspapers. “Wembley illusion. Italy Champion of Europe, is the title of the build. ‘England is drowning in a sea of ​​tears – read – the country is waiting for a great title in football for 55 years’. ‘Italy, having won 34 games in a row, are the deserving champions of Europe’.

The Suedeutsche Zeitung put the Donnarumma on the front page and the title ‘ ‘Victory away from home’. ‘He won hearts, not fanaticism’, writes Tagespigal. Indeed, yesterday’s victory was also a political victory against those who left Europe and sowed the seeds of division. After this, Angela Merkel was praised in Italy.

Win Party Italy Euro 2020 in the world
TV on the Italy-England match in Lebanon @GettyImages

NSEuro 2020. Italy’s victory in blurred the world. Today the flag flies high and all Italians from Sydney to Milan are more proud of it.


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