year of transition. towards? and when?

  year of transition.  towards?  and when?
To gauge the end of the year, we often rely on words that have made it to public debate. With the birth of the Draghi government in February, the ecological transition forcefully entered the speeches of many citizens and it goes without saying Of politics. Even though it has been implemented by environmentalists and experts over the years.

,A tremendous environmental and social challenge begins today, which sees the entire government committed to ending it and working to realize this new vision”, said Roberto Cingolani in his appointment as the head of the Ministry of Ecological Transition asked to comment on. , pre-environment. It is still too early to say whether we will remember 2021 as the year in which this change went through at a real and decisive pace. But we can already remark that The debate over green classification and the hackneyed talk about nuclear power is ballast on a process that instead requires innovation and our best resources for the next ten years and so on.

new ecology, from the pages of the Monthly, from the pages of his online magazine and with his podcast, he talked about the past twelve months, trying to contribute analysis and information on the processes in progress. In this special “A Year of the Environment” we re-read together the 100 green news of 2021, our cover and editorials from Legambiente experts, and on our agenda, the environmental protection objectives that have just been achieved and that we need to bring to the fore. year should be focused.

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In 2021, Cop26 in Glasgow formed a horizon towards which to turn our gaze and deploy analysis and debate. new ecology Dedicated a special with news and insights and launched with Next New Media that podcast Planet 2030, to review international and Italian news on the changing climate.

The most seasoned analysts, and Melina accustomed to the past 25 Conferences of the Parties on Climate Change, have greeted with shame the progress made by climate diplomacy in Scotland. But youth mobilization around the world and the urgency to act now to stop global warming within the critical range of 1.5 °C gave hope for a leap forward towards the end of fossils. The Glasgow Treaty, which closed at the end of long talks on the “progressive reduction of fossils”, has somewhat extinguished the debate on the climate crisis in the general media. But Sharm el-Sheikh’s Cop 27, which requires all states to submit their emissions reduction commitments, will take place in November 2022. So the horizon moves slightly, but the objective does not change. Save the planet to save yourself.


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