9 Excitements of the Last Football Weekend

9 Excitements of the Last Football Weekend

Lukasz Fabianski weeps after his last international match for Poland.

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Despite the international break, there was much to see on this football weekend – from national teams or clubs in the lowlands. This was the excitement of the weekend

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Adrian Burgler
Adrian Burgler


humor in defeat

There is little to be gained for football dwarves like Andorra when it comes to teams like European runners-up England. So this time too. With a comparatively merciful 5-0, the “three lions” prevailed in the Pyrenees on Saturday.

Andorran players are certainly aware of this, but at least they have unique experiences. And Ildefones Lima Sola proved that they don’t lose their sense of humor after a high defeat. The 41-year-old posted a photo of himself and Jadon Sancho on social media after the game and wrote: “Next time, please slow down a bit, Jadon #thigh muscles.”

soulful farewell

Polish goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski, aged 36, will play his last international match on Saturday. The experiment in the World Cup qualifier against San Marino (5-0) is his 57th and final experiment. As has happened 26 times before, West Ham United mercenaries keep a clean slate.

In the 57th minute, Fabianski was replaced and said goodbye to tears and a standing ovation. He had already resigned after the European Championship and played his farewell game against San Marino.

Denmark’s Perfection

White knows West Denmark very well in the current World Cup qualification. In the previous doubles against Scotland, Moldova, Israel, Austria and the Faroe Islands, Kaspar Hjölmund’s team not only won all the games, but always did it for zero. 26:0 is an impressive goal difference after seven games. World Cup qualification is unlikely to be snatched from the Northerners.

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He moved to the Nations League on Sunday:

art shot of isaac

Sweden has direct World Cup qualification chances as Spain’s first chasers. In the 3-0 win against Kosovo, 22-year-old Alexander Isaac is one of the defining figures. The former BVB striker decided with a 2-0 lead in the 62nd minute of the game and the goal is amazing to see. Isaac gets the ball to the left, lets an opponent run into space, pulls it to the edge of the box and from there spins the ball brilliantly into the far corner.

Isaac scored against Kosovo.

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summervilles solo

Crysencio Summerville can also bring down one or the other opponent. You don’t know this name yet? You are probably not alone in this. The 19-year-old striker currently plays for Leeds United U23 – and has shown all his skills there. In a 1:2 loss against Sunderland, the Dutchman started the big singles run. He lets out several opponents and then easily pushes the ball past the goalkeeper.

Somerville scored against Sunderland.

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Diaz’s Humility

And we stick to letting opponents out. Colombia’s Luis Diaz is making two of his Brazilian rivals look very old in this scene.

Diaz dismissed two Brazilian players.

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Navas’ Segelkunste

Where would the Costa Rica national team be without Keylor Navas? Probably not even close to qualifying for the World Cup for Qatar. Thanks to a 2–1 win against El Salvador, the PSG goalkeeper’s team are now in fifth place, two points behind the straight qualifying spot currently occupied by Panama. And without Navas this important victory would hardly have happened. The 34-year-old fired six shots, one of them with this spectacular flying throw.

bombastic ejection

Unlike ice hockey, in football there is no second assist – that is, the scorer points for the last pass in front of the goal. An exception can be made to this in the case of Michael Cooper. Plymouth Argoyle’s goalkeeper in England’s third-highest division launched a lightning-fast counterattack by his team with an incredible ejection on the center line.

Cooper launched a counterattack with his widespread disapproval.

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The ball comes to Ryan Hardy, who finds teammate Ryan Broom in the penalty area, who only needs to push the ball over the line to make it 2-0. The attack launched by Cooper is finally decisive in the game against Burton Albion: Plymouth win 2–1.

farewell announcement

PSG and Brazil star Neymar is currently 29 years old. Nevertheless, the striker is thinking about the end of his career. In the documentary “Neymar Jr. and the Line of Kings” by DAZN, he says: “I think the 2022 World Cup will be my last World Cup. I don’t know if I will have the mental strength to tackle football later.” “

Yesterday, Brazil and Colombia drew 0-0 in qualifying for the World Cup. Neymar is still eight goals away from the Brazilian jersey and surpasses record scorer Pele by 77 goals.

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