A Touch of “NFL London Games” – This is how I experienced ELF

A Touch of

Hamburg – I felt a definite tingling sensation when I got into the car on Sunday afternoon and drove to the Hohluft stadium in the center of Hamburg.

Finally football again, finally live sports again and above all: finally the spectators again.

When the Hamburg Sea Devils met with the Frankfurt Galaxy on Sunday, some 1,600 fans were in attendance.

It seemed at least 5,000.

Maybe it seemed so to me because after several months of ghost games I was hardly used to the audience. Perhaps the reason was that every fan made a noise for two.

100 meters long line of people in front of the stadium

The character of the event could already be felt in front of the stadium.

Two hours before kickoff, there was a queue of about 100 meters in front of the entrance. No one seemed annoyed to wait for the entrance in nearly 30 degree shadow. Instead, there was a sense of anticipation everywhere.

Even Frankfurt fans came to support his team.

The audience wore paraphernalia not only of the Hamburg Sea Devils and the Frankfurt Galaxy. It was a football festival where every fan showed their favorite team.

From the Chiefs to the Seahawks – NFL Teams Jerseys in the Spectator

The jerseys of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots were displayed, to name only three examples. The atmosphere had a touch of the London games of the NFL, who are also known for their party character.

“The Hamburg Seia Devils,” shouted the stadium announcer into the microphone as the home team cheered on the field.

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The “flame throwers” also set fire to the air. “We are all Hamburg people,” sprang from the jukebox. Pure goose bumps!

Fun for the whole family

A look at the audience once again showed that football is no longer a one man’s business.

A notable number of women also wanted to attend the first game of the European League of Football in Hamburg. He enthusiastically applauded every successful action of the Sea Devils.

Football is usually a family festival. Young children also watched with interest as 22 heavy men made a big show in the field.

A little tip for all parents: please don’t forget hearing protection! At least in Hamburg, the music was very loud in some parts of the stadium.

But that’s what a football game is all about: loud, exciting, and thrilling.

Qasim Adebili enthralls the audience

Qasim Adebili was not only a key player on the field but also a good mood maker. The former NFL pro warmed to the audience, which immediately reacted loudly.

“Hamburg loves football – no doubt about it”, kicker Philipp Friese Andersen smiled after scoring the Sea Devils goal for the win with a decisive field goal.

In any case, this won’t be the last Sea Devils game I attended this season. Maybe next time I take my daughter, my wife or a good friend with me.

Whether you understand the sport or not, football is an experience for everyone.

And thanks to the European League of Football, that experience is back in Germany.

Oliver Jensen reports from Hamburg

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