Agathe Souzon: “LET is getting stronger and stronger”

Agathe Souzon:

is Golf nationalon the edge of Linxea Open ffgolf, That we met him. Despite the available, smiling, compulsory mask, Valentoise, victorious from 25 January to 29 years oldRoissy Open PGA France Defeated in the play-offs at Eyes in mid-October last year, is impatient for him to start the year Women’s European tour (LeT).

Can we say that 2021 is the year of renewal of LET after many years of doubt?
Yes, I think he is getting stronger and stronger. There are more and more people who are interested in women’s golf. It is certain that the joint venture with LPGA was signed a year and a half ago and has now contributed to this revival. This signature created a dynamic in the direction of women. And then it’s especially super motivating when We have a real calendar There is a season ahead of us and uncertainties with a tournament ahead of us, then a break of one month, another tournament, and another stride of a month… there, you can choose your dates, in the number of 25… moments… we Don’t know yet if they’ll all keep up, but we’re almost sure to have at least a good twenty … with great tournaments, for example, co-accepted with the LPGA in Northern Ireland and Scotland, And some others very well thanked Aramco for creating four big events with an endowment of $ 1 million …

How do you handle this season?
I will see I think I will play a lot of tournaments at the beginning of the season as they are mainly in Europe and then select the big ones. I will watch especially at the end of the season as we will then make lots of trips to chat. Between Asia, Africa … it’s good because I like traveling. Even though this year, we have to stay in a hotel in view of the health crisis…

I tried a lot of things in the tournament at the end of the season, like playing very aggressively, something I would not have done before

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Really, how have you been with Kovid and various imprisonment in recent months?
In March 2020, I was under a bit of stress. I started the season well (NDLR, 7E AU Investec South African Women’s Open). I thought we were going to pick up as soon as possible, we didn’t know much about this virus … and then finally, everything stopped. By the end of August… I then told myself that it was the right time to get back to work both technically and mentally and improve even more. I tried a lot of things at the end of the tournament season, such as playing very aggressively, something I would not have done before. As it was a white year, you can take advantage of it…

Between the difficult years on LET and the ensuing epidemic, didn’t you tell yourself that you were cursed somewhere?
We all told each other (Laughs). Especially during the first imprisonment when we had a face time together with other French players … We told ourselves that there was something that was hovering over the LET … This was the year when he finally got the color. And there, boom, Kovid has landed … Luckily, tournaments are still on the calendar in 2021.

I have an engineering degree in chemistry. I know that if I stop a high level of golf, I will get something that I like

How did you experience your start to a professional career when the future seems particularly blocked?
It was not easy, especially when we had a whole category and we only played seven tournaments a year… we wondered if we could really make a living from golf… but hey, I was still young, I was Wanted … I also played a little on the Symmetra Tour (US Second Division) And on LETAS (Second European division), It allowed me to keep up the game … but it’s true that I asked myself questions … Luckily I studied, which ultimately allowed me to see things differently. I knew I had a spare tire. I have an engineering degree in chemistry. I know that if I stop a high level of golf, I will find something that I like. In the laboratory, also in petroleum …

In early April, several French players went on to compete in the Sunshine Ladies Tour. On the contrary, you have decided to stay in France. Why?
I didn’t mind going to South Africa for six weeks, competing in the Sunshine Ladies Tour tournament, continuing the first 2021 tournament on LeT (NDLR, Investec South African Women’s Open, du 13 au 16 mai), Have a short week break, and then invade again with an eight-week LET tournament. I like to live in France to work with my coach (Vincent Minodier) And put yourself in tournament mode, thanks to events that ffgolf has organized since the beginning of April.

I live in Avian for half a year, the other half in Valence. It would be nice to play a grand slam in your garden

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What will be your goals on the LET this year as you enter your fifth season?
Winning will obviously be one of my goals because I feel like I’m getting closer. For two years, I have felt that I am not far from winning now. A pro win, that would be great. But permanently settling on LET, being in big tournaments is also one of my objectives. It would be good to finish in the top 20.

Before thinking about LPGA soon?
Yes, it’s still in my head. Controversy for LPGA access cards is always a goal at the end of the season. Later, if I get the green fees on the Symmetra Tour, I don’t think I will participate. Today, I honestly believe that LeT is better endowed and more interesting than Symmetra.

Do you dream as a pro player?
Solheim Cup, I would love it but I am still more attracted to the Major Tournament. I only played british till now (In 2019) I loved it. It was in Woburn, which was not a link. But it was magic. I like to play in the air. I am from Valence where Mistral flies very often. I like working the ball with the elements in those types of situations. For me, this is the very essence of golf. And then there’s Evian too … I train there often. I live half an year in Avian (74), the other half in Valence (26). So, yes, it would be nice to play a Grand Slam in your backyard (Laughs).


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